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Goldenberg, AnnaPerson Why?
Bioinformatics in neurosurgery.Academic Article Why?
Bioinformatics visualization and integration with open standards: the Bluejay genomic browser.Academic Article Why?
Brudno, MichaelPerson Why?
To Embed or Not: Network Embedding as a Paradigm in Computational Biology.Academic Article Why?
Computational BiologyConcept Why?
Parkinson, JohnPerson Why?
Bioinformatic Strategies for the Genomic and Epigenomic Characterization of Brain Tumors.Academic Article Why?
Integrated bioinformatic and targeted deletion analyses of the SRS gene superfamily identify SRS29C as a negative regulator of Toxoplasma virulence.Academic Article Why?
Development of DIPG Bioinformatic repositoryGrant Why?
Development of bioinformatics resources for display and analysis of copy number and other structural variants in the human genome.Academic Article Why?
IFPA Meeting 2013 Workshop Report II: use of 'omics' in understanding placental development, bioinformatics tools for gene expression analysis, planning and coordination of a placenta research network, placental imaging, evolutionary approaches to understanding pre-eclampsia.Academic Article Why?
Structural, functional, and bioinformatic studies demonstrate the crucial role of an extended peptide binding site for the SH3 domain of yeast Abp1p.Academic Article Why?
Association analysis using next-generation sequence data from publicly available control groups: the robust variance score statistic.Academic Article Why?
Cluster analysis of protein array results via similarity of Gene Ontology annotation.Academic Article Why?
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