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Inter-chromosomal Contact Properties in Live-Cell Imaging and in Hi-C.Academic Article Why?
Spatiotemporal allele organization by allele-specific CRISPR live-cell imaging (SNP-CLING).Academic Article Why?
Maass, PhilippPerson Why?
Biodegradable quantum dot nanocomposites enable live cell labeling and imaging of cytoplasmic targets.Academic Article Why?
Quantitative live cell imaging reveals a gradual shift between DNA repair mechanisms and a maximal use of HR in mid S phase.Academic Article Why?
Doria, AndreaPerson Why?
Live imaging and genetic analysis of mouse notochord formation reveals regional morphogenetic mechanisms.Academic Article Why?
Pierro, AgostinoPerson Why?
Functional live imaging of the pulmonary neuroepithelial body microenvironment.Academic Article Why?
Hawkins, CynthiaPerson Why?
Kamath, BinitaPerson Why?
Rutka, JamesPerson Why?
Kafri, RanPerson Why?
Chavhan, GovindPerson Why?
Connolly, BairbrePerson Why?
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