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High-throughput functional analysis of lncRNA core promoters elucidates rules governing tissue specificity.Academic Article Why?
Long ncRNA Landscape in the Ileum of Treatment-Naive Early-Onset Crohn Disease.Academic Article Why?
Long non-coding RNA in health and disease.Academic Article Why?
Maass, PhilippPerson Why?
A misplaced lncRNA causes brachydactyly in humans.Academic Article Why?
RNA, Long NoncodingConcept Why?
A TAD boundary is preserved upon deletion of the CTCF-rich Firre locus.Academic Article Why?
High-throughput identification of RNA nuclear enrichment sequences.Academic Article Why?
Interchromosomal interactions: A genomic love story of kissing chromosomes.Academic Article Why?
miRNet - dissecting miRNA-target interactions and functional associations through network-based visual analysis.Academic Article Why?
Weksberg, RosannaPerson Why?
Clinical utility gene card for: Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Long repeat tracts at SCA8 in major psychosis.Academic Article Why?
Screening of DNA methylation at the H19 promoter or the distal region of its ICR1 ensures efficient detection of chromosome 11p15 epimutations in Russell-Silver syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Whole-Genome Sequencing Suggests Schizophrenia Risk Mechanisms in Humans with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome.Academic Article Why?
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