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Direct visualization of a protein nuclear architecture.Academic Article Why?
Elucidating chromatin and nuclear domain architecture with electron spectroscopic imaging.Academic Article Why?
Maass, PhilippPerson Why?
Global chromatin architecture reflects pluripotency and lineage commitment in the early mouse embryo.Academic Article Why?
Scherer, StephenPerson Why?
Dirks, PeterPerson Why?
Rossant, JanetPerson Why?
Parkinson, JohnPerson Why?
Barr, CathyPerson Why?
Rotin, DanielaPerson Why?
Pausova, ZdenkaPerson Why?
Szatmari, PeterPerson Why?
Yeung, RaePerson Why?
Dror, YigalPerson Why?
Sled, JohnPerson Why?
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