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Academic Article Close linkage of retinoic acid receptor genes with homeobox- and keratin-encoding genes on paralogous segments of mouse chromosomes 11 and 15.
Academic Article Manipulating the mouse genome: implications for neurobiology.
Academic Article Transgenic animals: techniques.
Academic Article Genome engineering: the new mouse genetics.
Academic Article Human homolog of a mouse sequence from the dystonia musculorum locus is on chromosome 6p12.
Academic Article Genome manipulation in embryonic stem cells.
Academic Article Parental origin-specific expression of Mash2 is established at the time of implantation with its imprinting mechanism highly resistant to genome-wide demethylation.
Academic Article Sequence interpretation. Functional annotation of mouse genome sequences.
Academic Article Mining mouse microarray data.
Academic Article Gene expression profiling of embryo-derived stem cells reveals candidate genes associated with pluripotency and lineage specificity.
Academic Article The mouse genome sequence--the end of the tail, or just the beginning?
Academic Article Genome-wide analysis of mouse transcripts using exon microarrays and factor graphs.
Academic Article A mouse for all reasons.
Academic Article Lunatic Fringe-mediated Notch signaling is required for lung alveogenesis.
Academic Article Phenotypic annotation of the mouse X chromosome.
Academic Article The mammalian gene function resource: the International Knockout Mouse Consortium.
Academic Article Making a knockout mouse: From stem cells to embryos.
Academic Article New Insights into Early Human Development: Lessons for Stem Cell Derivation and Differentiation.
Academic Article Human Embryo Editing: Opportunities and Importance of Transnational Cooperation.
Academic Article Efficient generation of targeted large insertions by microinjection into two-cell-stage mouse embryos.
Academic Article Gene editing in human development: ethical concerns and practical applications.

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