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Concept Neuralgia
Academic Article DREAM is a critical transcriptional repressor for pain modulation.
Academic Article Neuropathic pain and spinal microglia: a big problem from molecules in "small" glia.
Academic Article BDNF from microglia causes the shift in neuronal anion gradient underlying neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Purinoceptors in microglia and neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Spinal microglia and neuropathic pain in young rats.
Academic Article Transformation of the output of spinal lamina I neurons after nerve injury and microglia stimulation underlying neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Treatment of inflammatory and neuropathic pain by uncoupling Src from the NMDA receptor complex.
Academic Article Astroglia in medullary dorsal horn (trigeminal spinal subnucleus caudalis) are involved in trigeminal neuropathic pain mechanisms.
Academic Article Microglia-neuronal signalling in neuropathic pain hypersensitivity 2.0.
Academic Article JAK-STAT3 pathway regulates spinal astrocyte proliferation and neuropathic pain maintenance in rats.
Academic Article Spinal cord Toll-like receptor 4 mediates inflammatory and neuropathic hypersensitivity in male but not female mice.
Academic Article ATP receptors gate microglia signaling in neuropathic pain.
Academic Article P2X4 purinoceptor signaling in chronic pain.
Academic Article Brain-derived neurotrophic factor from microglia: a molecular substrate for neuropathic pain.
Academic Article P2X4R+ microglia drive neuropathic pain.
Academic Article The known knowns of microglia-neuronal signalling in neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Different immune cells mediate mechanical pain hypersensitivity in male and female mice.
Academic Article Dorsal horn neurons release extracellular ATP in a VNUT-dependent manner that underlies neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Glucocorticoid regulation of ATP release from spinal astrocytes underlies diurnal exacerbation of neuropathic mechanical allodynia.
Academic Article Potentiation of Synaptic GluN2B NMDAR Currents by Fyn Kinase Is Gated through BDNF-Mediated Disinhibition in Spinal Pain Processing.
Award or Honor Receipt Pfizer Neuropathic Pain Research Award
Grant Defining new horizons in neuropathic pain
Academic Article VIP cortical conductors set the tone for chronic pain.
Academic Article Chloride Dysregulation through Downregulation of KCC2 Mediates Neuropathic Pain in Both Sexes.
Academic Article Sex-Dependent Mechanisms of Chronic Pain: A Focus on Microglia and P2X4R.

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