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Concept src-Family Kinases
Academic Article NMDA channel regulation by channel-associated protein tyrosine kinase Src.
Academic Article Src activation in the induction of long-term potentiation in CA1 hippocampal neurons.
Academic Article Src, N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors, and synaptic plasticity.
Academic Article Gain control of NMDA-receptor currents by intracellular sodium.
Academic Article Src potentiation of NMDA receptors in hippocampal and spinal neurons is not mediated by reducing zinc inhibition.
Academic Article CAKbeta/Pyk2 kinase is a signaling link for induction of long-term potentiation in CA1 hippocampus.
Academic Article NMDA receptor regulation by Src kinase signalling in excitatory synaptic transmission and plasticity.
Academic Article Interactions between Src family protein tyrosine kinases and PSD-95.
Academic Article Src kinases: a hub for NMDA receptor regulation.
Academic Article Unique domain anchoring of Src to synaptic NMDA receptors via the mitochondrial protein NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2.
Academic Article Src in synaptic transmission and plasticity.
Academic Article PSD-95 is a negative regulator of the tyrosine kinase Src in the NMDA receptor complex.
Academic Article Treatment of inflammatory and neuropathic pain by uncoupling Src from the NMDA receptor complex.
Academic Article Plasticity of synaptic GluN receptors is required for the Src-dependent induction of long-term potentiation at CA3-CA1 synapses.
Academic Article Schizophrenia susceptibility pathway neuregulin 1-ErbB4 suppresses Src upregulation of NMDA receptors.
Academic Article Dysregulated Src upregulation of NMDA receptor activity: a common link in chronic pain and schizophrenia.
Academic Article Metaplasticity gated through differential regulation of GluN2A versus GluN2B receptors by Src family kinases.
Academic Article Potentiation of Synaptic GluN2B NMDAR Currents by Fyn Kinase Is Gated through BDNF-Mediated Disinhibition in Spinal Pain Processing.
Academic Article An evolutionary switch in ND2 enables Src kinase regulation of NMDA receptors.
Academic Article Src deficient mice demonstrate behavioral and electrophysiological alterations relevant to psychiatric and developmental disease.

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