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Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Enzymologic
Concept Down-Regulation
Concept Allosteric Regulation
Concept Up-Regulation
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Bacterial
Concept Gene Expression Regulation
Academic Article The pH of the secretory pathway: measurement, determinants, and regulation.
Academic Article Visualization of vacuolar acidification-induced transcription of genes of pathogens inside macrophages.
Academic Article Na+/H+ exchangers and the regulation of volume.
Academic Article Role of CrkII in Fcgamma receptor-mediated phagocytosis.
Academic Article TB or not TB: calcium regulation in mycobacterial survival.
Academic Article Regulation of vacuolar pH and its modulation by some microbial species.
Academic Article Na+/H+ exchange and pH regulation in the control of neutrophil chemokinesis and chemotaxis.
Academic Article Regulation of endocytosis via the oxygen-sensing pathway.
Academic Article Restriction of Legionella pneumophila replication in macrophages requires concerted action of the transcriptional regulators Irf1 and Irf8 and nod-like receptors Naip5 and Nlrc4.
Academic Article BetaPix up-regulates Na+/H+ exchanger 3 through a Shank2-mediated protein-protein interaction.
Academic Article Nonhormonal mechanisms for the regulation of transepithelial sodium transport: the roles of surface potential and cell calcium.
Academic Article Listeriolysin O suppresses phospholipase C-mediated activation of the microbicidal NADPH oxidase to promote Listeria monocytogenes infection.
Academic Article Activation of vacuolar-type proton pumps by protein kinase C. Role in neutrophil pH regulation.
Academic Article Activation of the Na+/H+ antiporter during cell volume regulation. Evidence for a phosphorylation-independent mechanism.
Academic Article Lipopolysaccharide impairs macrophage cytoplasmic pH regulation under conditions simulating the inflammatory microenvironment.
Academic Article Regulation from within: the cytoskeleton in transmembrane signaling.
Academic Article Ezrin is required for the functional regulation of the epithelial sodium proton exchanger, NHE3.
Academic Article Phosphatidic acid is required for the constitutive ruffling and macropinocytosis of phagocytes.
Academic Article Multiple host kinases contribute to Akt activation during Salmonella infection.
Academic Article Regulation of cytoplasmic pH in phagocytic cell function and dysfunction.
Academic Article Nitric oxide derived from L-arginine impairs cytoplasmic pH regulation by vacuolar-type H+ ATPases in peritoneal macrophages.
Academic Article Calcium-independent cell volume regulation in human lymphocytes. Inhibition by charybdotoxin.
Academic Article Trypanosoma cruzi: cloning and expression of an antigen recognized by acute and chronic human chagasic sera.
Academic Article Cytoplasmic pH regulation in monocytes and macrophages: mechanisms and functional implications.
Academic Article Contrasting phagosome pH regulation and maturation in human M1 and M2 macrophages.
Academic Article Phosphoinositides in phagocytosis and macropinocytosis.
Academic Article The role of intracellular Ca2+ in the regulation of the plasma membrane Ca2+ permeability of unstimulated rat lymphocytes.
Academic Article Regulation of cytoplasmic pH in resident and activated peritoneal macrophages.
Academic Article Modulation of the macrophage respiratory burst by an acidic environment: the critical role of cytoplasmic pH regulation by proton extrusion pumps.
Academic Article Ionic mechanisms of cell volume regulation in leukocytes.
Academic Article Cytoplasmic pH regulation in phorbol ester-activated human neutrophils.
Academic Article Impaired cell volume regulation in Na(+)-H+ exchange-deficient mutants.
Academic Article Independent regulation of Ca2+ entry and release from internal stores in activated B cells.
Academic Article Activation of Na+/H+ exchange and the expression of cellular proto-oncogenes in mitogen- and phorbol ester-treated lymphocytes.
Academic Article Differential role of cation and anion exchange in lymphocyte pH regulation.
Academic Article Intracellular pH regulation in neutrophils: properties and distribution of the Na+/H+ antiporter.
Academic Article Na+/H+ exchange and the regulation of intracellular pH in polymorphonuclear leukocytes.
Academic Article Cytoplasmic pH regulation in macrophages by an ATP-dependent and N,N'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide-sensitive mechanism. Possible involvement of a plasma membrane proton pump.
Academic Article Osmotic and phorbol ester-induced activation of Na+/H+ exchange: possible role of protein phosphorylation in lymphocyte volume regulation.
Academic Article Cytoplasmic pH regulation in normal and abnormal neutrophils. Role of superoxide generation and Na+/H+ exchange.
Academic Article Regulation of Na+/H+ exchange in lymphocytes.
Academic Article Regulation of amino acid uptake by phorbol esters and hypertonic solutions in rat thymocytes.
Academic Article Mechanisms of regulation of the Na+/H+ exchanger.
Academic Article Protein phosphorylation during activation of Na+/H+ exchange by phorbol esters and by osmotic shrinking. Possible relation to cell pH and volume regulation.
Academic Article Cytoplasmic pH regulation in activated human neutrophils: effects of adenosine and pertussis toxin on Na+/H+ exchange and metabolic acidification.
Academic Article The Ayerst award lecture 1987/La Conférence Ayerst 1987. The intracellular pH of white blood cells: measurement and regulation.
Academic Article Cytotoxicity of compounds that interfere with the regulation of intracellular pH: a potential new class of anticancer drugs.
Academic Article Na+/H+ exchange in volume regulation and cytoplasmic pH homeostasis in lymphocytes.
Academic Article Increased anion permeability during volume regulation in human lymphocytes.
Academic Article Volume regulation in lymphoid leukemia cells and assignment of cell lineage.
Academic Article Volume regulation by human lymphocytes: characterization of the ionic basis for regulatory volume decrease.
Academic Article Cytoplasmic pH regulation in thymic lymphocytes by an amiloride-sensitive Na+/H+ antiport.
Academic Article Role of membrane potential in the regulation of lectin-induced calcium uptake.
Academic Article Volume regulation of Chinese hamster ovary cells in anisoosmotic media.
Academic Article Volume regulation by human lymphocytes. Role of calcium.
Academic Article Volume regulation by human lymphocytes. Identification of differences between the two major lymphocyte subpopulations.
Academic Article Proton currents in human granulocytes: regulation by membrane potential and intracellular pH.
Academic Article Na+/H+ antiport: modulation by ATP and role in cell volume regulation.
Academic Article Regulation of cytoplasmic pH in osteoclasts. Contribution of proton pumps and a proton-selective conductance.
Academic Article Volume regulation in leukocytes: requirement for an intact cytoskeleton.
Academic Article Osmotic activation of the Na+/H+ antiporter during volume regulation.
Academic Article Regulation of tyrosine phosphorylation in neutrophils by the NADPH oxidase. Role of reactive oxygen intermediates.
Academic Article Proton conductance of the plasma membrane: properties, regulation, and functional role.
Academic Article Role of isoprenylation in intracellular pH regulation of granulocytes.
Academic Article Na+/H+ exchange activity during phagocytosis in human neutrophils: role of Fcgamma receptors and tyrosine kinases.
Academic Article Intracellular pH regulation during spreading of human neutrophils.
Academic Article Intracellular pH regulation in leukocytes: mechanisms and functional significance.
Academic Article Exudative neutrophils show impaired pH regulation compared with circulating neutrophils.
Academic Article Regulation of Src homology 2-containing tyrosine phosphatase 1 during activation of human neutrophils. Role of protein kinase C.
Academic Article Modulation of the retinoic acid and retinoid X receptor signaling pathways in P19 embryonal carcinoma cells by calreticulin.
Academic Article Involvement of the actin network in insulin signalling.
Academic Article Identification of sites required for down-regulation of Na+/H+ exchanger NHE3 activity by cAMP-dependent protein kinase. phosphorylation-dependent and -independent mechanisms.
Academic Article Regulation of phagosomal acidification. Differential targeting of Na+/H+ exchangers, Na+/K+-ATPases, and vacuolar-type H+-atpases.
Academic Article Intracellular pH regulation by Na(+)/H(+) exchange requires phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate.
Academic Article Regulation of the epithelial Na(+) /H(+) exchanger isoform by the cytoskeleton.
Academic Article A slow pH-dependent conformational transition underlies a novel mode of activation of the epithelial Na+/H+ exchanger-3 isoform.
Academic Article Clathrin-mediated endocytosis and recycling of the neuron-specific Na+/H+ exchanger NHE5 isoform. Regulation by phosphatidylinositol 3'-kinase and the actin cytoskeleton.
Academic Article Differential role of actin, clathrin, and dynamin in Fc gamma receptor-mediated endocytosis and phagocytosis.
Academic Article Multiple modes of regulation of Na+/H+ exchangers.
Academic Article Phagolysosome resolution requires contacts with the endoplasmic reticulum and phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate signalling.

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