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Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Enzymologic
Concept Down-Regulation
Concept Up-Regulation
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Concept Gene Expression Regulation
Academic Article Genetic regulation of branching morphogenesis: lessons learned from loss-of-function phenotypes.
Academic Article p38MAPK acts in the BMP7-dependent stimulatory pathway during epithelial cell morphogenesis and is regulated by Smad1.
Academic Article Glypican-3 modulates inhibitory Bmp2-Smad signaling to control renal development in vivo.
Academic Article GLI3-dependent transcriptional repression of Gli1, Gli2 and kidney patterning genes disrupts renal morphogenesis.
Academic Article Control of murine kidney development by sonic hedgehog and its GLI effectors.
Academic Article BMP receptor ALK3 controls collecting system development.
Academic Article Bone morphogenetic protein signaling in the developing kidney: present and future.
Academic Article Polycystin-1 C-terminal tail associates with beta-catenin and inhibits canonical Wnt signaling.
Academic Article Stimulatory and inhibitory signaling molecules that regulate renal branching morphogenesis.
Academic Article Cell and molecular biology of kidney development.
Academic Article GLI3 repressor controls nephron number via regulation of Wnt11 and Ret in ureteric tip cells.
Academic Article Integrin-linked kinase regulates p38 MAPK-dependent cell cycle arrest in ureteric bud development.
Academic Article Control of mammalian kidney development by the Hedgehog signaling pathway.
Academic Article Suppressor of fused controls mid-hindbrain patterning and cerebellar morphogenesis via GLI3 repressor.
Academic Article ß-catenin causes renal dysplasia via upregulation of Tgfß2 and Dkk1.
Academic Article 11th International Workshop in Developmental Nephrology (IWDN).
Academic Article Kif3a controls murine nephron number via GLI3 repressor, cell survival, and gene expression in a lineage-specific manner.
Academic Article ß-Catenin overexpression in the metanephric mesenchyme leads to renal dysplasia genesis via cell-autonomous and non-cell-autonomous mechanisms.
Academic Article Developmental origins and functions of stromal cells in the normal and diseased mammalian kidney.
Academic Article Renal branching morphogenesis: morphogenetic and signaling mechanisms.
Academic Article Insights into the renal pathogenesis in Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia: A renal histological characterization and expression analysis.
Academic Article Urogenital development in Pallister-Hall syndrome is disrupted in a cell-lineage-specific manner by constitutive expression of GLI3 repressor.
Academic Article Suppressor of fused controls cerebellar neuronal differentiation in a manner modulated by GLI3 repressor and Fgf15.
Academic Article Activated Hedgehog-GLI Signaling Causes Congenital Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction.
Academic Article Protein Kinase 2ß Is Expressed in Neural Crest-Derived Urinary Pacemaker Cells and Required for Pyeloureteric Contraction.
Academic Article Expression of a Xenopus counterpart of mammalian syndecan 2 during embryogenesis.
Academic Article Changing patterns of gene expression in developing mouse kidney, as probed by differential mRNA display combined with cDNA library screening.
Academic Article The molecular control of renal branching morphogenesis: current knowledge and emerging insights.
Academic Article Suppressor of fused controls cerebellum granule cell proliferation by suppressing Fgf8 and spatially regulating Gli proteins.

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