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Concept Osteotomy, Le Fort
Concept Delivery of Health Care, Integrated
Concept Pain Measurement
Concept Fracture Fixation, Internal
Concept Translational Medical Research
Concept Fluorometry
Concept Radiation Dosage
Concept Longitudinal Studies
Concept Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects
Concept Odds Ratio
Concept Ophthalmologic Surgical Procedures
Concept Operative Time
Concept Prenatal Diagnosis
Concept Fatal Outcome
Concept Health Services Needs and Demand
Concept Bone Transplantation
Concept Free Tissue Flaps
Concept Vertical Dimension
Concept Body Mass Index
Concept Diagnosis, Differential
Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A
Concept Primary Health Care
Concept Attitude of Health Personnel
Concept Immunotherapy
Concept Child Mortality
Concept Disease Models, Animal
Concept Electronic Health Records
Concept Ambulatory Care
Concept Drug Administration Schedule
Concept Health Surveys
Concept Infant Mortality
Concept Prognosis
Concept Reconstructive Surgical Procedures
Concept Sickness Impact Profile
Concept Body Height
Concept Health Services Accessibility
Concept Datasets as Topic
Concept Alveoloplasty
Concept Imaging, Three-Dimensional
Concept Blood Pressure
Concept Health Status Indicators
Concept Genetic Association Studies
Concept Adolescent Health Services
Concept Pilot Projects
Concept Microradiography
Concept Escherichia coli Infections
Concept Europe
Concept Regional Health Planning
Concept Rhinoplasty
Concept Equipment Contamination
Concept Eyebrows
Concept Esthetics
Concept Bite Force
Concept Body Temperature
Concept Orthodontics, Corrective
Concept Data Accuracy
Concept Radiotherapy
Concept Clinical Decision-Making
Concept Esthetics, Dental
Concept Anthropometry
Concept Surgical Procedures, Operative
Concept Dissection
Concept Mental Health Services
Concept Health
Concept Colonoscopy
Concept Prostaglandin-Endoperoxide Synthases
Concept Urban Health Services
Concept Incidence
Concept Proportional Hazards Models
Concept Educational Status
Concept Equipment Design
Concept Genetic Therapy
Concept Endoscopes
Concept Morbidity
Concept Family Health
Concept Continuity of Patient Care
Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Drug Therapy, Combination
Concept Dental Stress Analysis
Concept Chi-Square Distribution
Concept Research Design
Concept Ethics, Research
Concept Confidence Intervals
Concept Infant, Extremely Low Birth Weight
Concept Health Status
Concept Premedication
Concept Feasibility Studies
Concept Statistics as Topic
Concept Blood Cell Count
Concept Combined Modality Therapy
Concept Facial Expression
Concept Interviews as Topic
Concept Random Allocation
Concept Surgery, Oral
Concept Patient Transfer
Concept Amino Acid Substitution
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept Postoperative Care
Concept National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
Concept Bone Marrow Transplantation
Concept Tissue Culture Techniques
Concept Comparative Effectiveness Research
Concept Health Care Surveys
Concept Oral Surgical Procedures
Concept Otitis Media with Effusion
Concept Health Care Reform
Concept Health Care Costs
Concept Tonsillectomy
Concept Pragmatic Clinical Trials as Topic
Concept Data Collection
Concept Leeching
Concept Health Resources
Concept Community Health Services
Concept Cluster Analysis
Concept Ear, External
Concept Overweight
Concept Analysis of Variance
Concept Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction
Concept Orthognathic Surgical Procedures
Concept Models, Animal
Concept Population Surveillance
Concept Cell Culture Techniques
Concept In Vitro Techniques
Concept Preoperative Care
Concept National Health Programs
Concept Eyelids
Concept Self Report
Concept Social Determinants of Health
Concept Medical Record Linkage
Concept Health Maintenance Organizations
Concept Ergolines
Concept Environmental Health
Concept Education
Concept Mass Screening
Concept Quality Indicators, Health Care
Concept Orthopedic Procedures
Concept Ultrasonography, Prenatal
Concept Health Services Research
Concept Economics, Medical
Concept Epoprostenol
Concept Birth Weight
Concept Program Evaluation
Concept Comprehensive Health Care
Concept Surgery, Computer-Assisted
Concept Endothelium, Vascular
Concept Insurance, Health
Concept Patient Discharge
Concept Sampling Studies
Concept Body Weight
Concept Ethnic Groups
Concept Treatment Outcome
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept Sensitivity and Specificity
Concept Echoencephalography
Concept Focus Groups
Concept Orthodontic Appliances
Concept Child Health
Concept Receptors, Endothelin
Concept Science
Concept Single-Blind Method
Concept Registries
Concept Cohort Studies
Concept Receptor, Endothelin A
Concept Occult Blood
Concept World Health Organization
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Health Promotion
Concept Reperfusion
Concept Blotting, Western
Concept Environmental Exposure
Concept Radiography
Concept Mental Health
Concept Polysomnography
Concept Prevalence
Concept Case-Control Studies
Concept Ischemic Preconditioning
Concept Ethics Committees, Research
Concept Predictive Value of Tests
Concept Reproducibility of Results
Concept Quality of Health Care
Concept Absorbable Implants
Concept Child Health Services
Concept Endothelin-1
Concept Prospective Studies
Concept Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation
Concept Vascular Surgical Procedures
Concept Cross-Sectional Studies
Concept Women's Health
Concept Ischemic Postconditioning
Concept Endoscopy
Concept Ear
Concept Evidence-Based Medicine
Concept Radiography, Panoramic
Concept Osteotomy, Sagittal Split Ramus
Concept Sigmoidoscopy
Concept Immunization
Concept Mandibular Advancement
Concept Materials Testing
Concept Cesarean Section
Concept Surveys and Questionnaires
Concept Enzyme Inhibitors
Concept Dental Instruments
Concept Tomography, X-Ray Computed
Concept Transportation of Patients
Concept Community Health Centers
Concept Models, Theoretical
Concept Bone Lengthening
Concept Regression Analysis
Concept Injections, Subcutaneous
Concept Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Concept Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures
Concept Muscle Strength
Concept Osteogenesis, Distraction
Concept Reference Standards
Concept Maxillary Osteotomy
Concept Health Personnel
Concept Bone Screws
Concept Bone Plates
Concept Biopsy
Concept Observer Variation
Concept Cardiac Output
Concept Area Under Curve
Concept Clinical Protocols
Concept Perfusion
Concept Infusions, Intravenous
Concept Obesity
Concept Energy Metabolism
Concept Logistic Models
Concept Preventive Health Services
Concept Infusions, Intra-Arterial
Concept Radiation Injuries, Experimental
Concept Factor Analysis, Statistical
Concept Emergency Service, Hospital
Concept Models, Biological
Concept Statistics, Nonparametric
Concept Internal Fixators
Concept Reference Values
Concept Risk Assessment
Concept Dermatologic Surgical Procedures
Concept Delivery of Health Care
Concept Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development
Concept European Continental Ancestry Group
Concept Risk
Concept Eye, Artificial
Concept Risk Factors
Concept Epoxy Compounds
Concept Decompressive Craniectomy
Concept Environment
Concept Dental Occlusion
Concept Craniotomy
Concept Follow-Up Studies
Concept Transplantation
Concept Anesthesia, Inhalation
Concept Orchiectomy
Concept Orthodontic Wires
Concept Health Services, Indigenous
Concept Injections, Intravenous
Concept Endothelins
Concept Castration
Concept Global Health
Concept Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid
Concept Quality Assurance, Health Care
Concept Alveolar Bone Grafting
Concept Pediatric Obesity
Concept Photogrammetry
Concept Tissue Engineering
Concept Rhytidoplasty
Concept Receptor, Endothelin B
Concept Osteotomy
Concept International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
Concept Retrospective Studies
Concept Health Policy
Concept Women's Health Services
Concept Blood Flow Velocity
Concept Enzyme Activation
Concept Multicenter Studies as Topic
Concept Video-Assisted Surgery
Concept Health Expenditures
Concept Reoperation
Concept Epidural Space
Concept Models, Statistical
Concept Orthotic Devices
Concept Glossectomy
Concept Health Priorities
Concept Blood Transfusion
Concept Linear Models
Concept Endpoint Determination
Concept Ultrasonography
Concept Length of Stay
Concept Range of Motion, Articular
Concept Cephalometry
Concept Diagnosis
Concept Transfection
Concept Transplantation, Autologous
Concept Prostheses and Implants
Concept Orbit Evisceration
Concept Life Change Events
Concept Injury Severity Score
Concept 15-Hydroxy-11 alpha,9 alpha-(epoxymethano)prosta-5,13-dienoic Acid
Concept Head Protective Devices
Concept Surgical Flaps
Concept Self Efficacy
Concept Multivariate Analysis
Concept Tissue Transplantation
Concept Educational Measurement
Concept Skin Transplantation
Concept Heart Rate
Concept Hospitalization
Concept DNA Mutational Analysis
Concept Facies
Concept Exercise
Concept Severity of Illness Index
Concept Robotic Surgical Procedures
Concept Skinfold Thickness
Academic Article Vasodilator effect and mechanism of action of vascular endothelial growth factor in skin vasculature.
Academic Article Comorbidity: implications for the importance of primary care in 'case' management.
Academic Article The Parent Report Form of the CHIP-Child Edition: reliability and validity.
Academic Article The Child Report Form of the CHIP-Child Edition: reliability and validity.
Academic Article Anthropometric measurements of the facial framework in adulthood: age-related changes in eight age categories in 600 healthy white North Americans of European ancestry from 16 to 90 years of age.
Academic Article Acute local subcutaneous VEGF165 injection for augmentation of skin flap viability: efficacy and mechanism.
Academic Article Adjusting for case mix and social class in examining variation in home visits between practices.
Academic Article Comparison of private for-profit with private community-governed not-for-profit primary care services in New Zealand.
Academic Article What's new in plastic and maxillofacial surgery.
Academic Article Radiation-induced craniofacial bone growth inhibition: efficacy of cytoprotection following a fractionated dose regimen.
Academic Article International anthropometric study of facial morphology in various ethnic groups/races.
Academic Article Inducing late phase of infarct protection in skeletal muscle by remote preconditioning: efficacy and mechanism.
Academic Article Massive congenital orbital teratoma.
Academic Article Efficacy and mechanism of adenovirus-mediated VEGF-165 gene therapy for augmentation of skin flap viability.
Academic Article Perceived health status and use of healthcare services among children and adolescents.
Academic Article Orthognathic surgery in juvenile rheumatoid arthritis patients.
Academic Article The use of dental elastics to control thin and short hair during craniofacial surgery.
Academic Article Validity of the health-related quality of life assessment in the ADORE study: Parent Report Form of the CHIP-Child Edition.
Academic Article Correlates of behavioral care management strategies used by primary care pediatric providers.
Academic Article Diagnostic scope of and exposure to primary care physicians in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States: cross sectional analysis of results from three national surveys.
Academic Article Specialty referral completion among primary care patients: results from the ASPN Referral Study.
Academic Article Radioprotection of craniofacial bone growth.
Academic Article Contamination of anaesthetic machines with pathogenic organisms.
Academic Article Necrotizing fasciitis in adolescents with poorly controlled type 1 diabetes mellitus: report of two cases.
Academic Article Comparison of craniofacial measurements of young adult African-American and North American white males and females.
Academic Article Assessment of children's health-related quality of life in the United States with a multidimensional index.
Academic Article Radiation-induced craniofacial bone growth inhibition: in vitro cytoprotection in the rabbit orbitozygomatic complex periosteum-derived cell culture.
Academic Article Postconditioning for salvage of ischemic skeletal muscle from reperfusion injury: efficacy and mechanism.
Academic Article Radiation effects and radioprotection in MC3T3-E1 mouse calvarial osteoblastic cells.
Academic Article Na+/H+ exchange inhibitor cariporide attenuates skeletal muscle infarction when administered before ischemia or reperfusion.
Academic Article Ambulatory care provided by office-based specialists in the United States.
Academic Article To Count Heads or to Count Services? Comparing Population-to-Physician Methods with Utilization-Based Methods for Physician Workforce Planning: A Case Study in a Remote Rural Administrative Region of British Columbia.
Academic Article All-sky LIGO search for periodic gravitational waves in the early fifth-science-run data.
Academic Article An upper limit on the stochastic gravitational-wave background of cosmological origin.
Academic Article Routine care provided by specialists to children and adolescents in the United States (2002-2006).
Academic Article Effect of alveolar bone grafting on nasal morphology, symmetry, and nostril shape of patients with unilateral cleft lip and palate.
Academic Article Conceptual and methodological advances in child-reported outcomes measurement.
Academic Article En coup de sabre scleroderma and Parry-Romberg syndrome in adolescents: surgical options and patient-related outcomes.
Academic Article Vasorelaxation effect and mechanism of action of vascular endothelial growth factor-165 in isolated perfused human skin flaps.
Academic Article Electronic medical record use in pediatric primary care.
Academic Article Reliability and validity of the Spanish version of the Child Health and Illness Profile Child-Edition/Child Report Form (CHIP-CE/CRF).
Academic Article Early identification of young children at risk for poor academic achievement: preliminary development of a parent-report prediction tool.
Academic Article Risk factors for community-acquired pneumonia in pre-school-aged children.
Academic Article Directional limits on persistent gravitational waves using LIGO S5 science data.
Academic Article Development of the Healthy Pathways Parent-Report Scales.
Academic Article Local hemodynamic effects of radiation on the rabbit orbitozygomatic complex with and without cytoprotection.
Academic Article Radiation-induced craniofacial bone growth inhibition: acute and long-term effects on bone histopathology with and without cytoprotection.
Academic Article Living with difference: experiences of adolescent girls with cleft lip and palate.
Academic Article Combination of hypoxic preconditioning and postconditioning does not induce additive protection of ex vivo human skeletal muscle from hypoxia/reoxygenation injury.
Academic Article Individual and Instructional Determinants of Student Engagement in Physical Education.
Academic Article A family psychosocial risk questionnaire for use in pediatric practice.
Academic Article Improving adherence to otitis media guidelines with clinical decision support and physician feedback.
Academic Article Measuring outcomes in craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery.
Academic Article Current concepts in the use of bone grafts in facial fractures. Basic science considerations.
Academic Article The free vascularised iliac crest tissue transfer: donor site complications associated with eighty-two cases.
Academic Article Multi-Institutional Sharing of Electronic Health Record Data to Assess Childhood Obesity.
Academic Article Paediatric craniofacial fibrous dysplasia: the Hospital for Sick Children experience and treatment philosophy.
Academic Article Continuity of public insurance coverage: a systematic review of the literature.
Academic Article Development of the PROMIS ® pediatric global health (PGH-7) measure.
Academic Article Subjective well-being measures for children were developed within the PROMIS project: presentation of first results.
Academic Article The case for an international patient-reported outcomes measurement information system (PROMIS®) initiative.
Academic Article A living systems perspective on health.
Academic Article Computed tomography-based morphometric analysis of extended strip craniectomy for sagittal synostosis.
Academic Article Concept analysis of the patient reported outcomes measurement information system (PROMIS(®)) and the international classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF).
Academic Article Mapping the content of the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS®) using the International Classification of Functioning, Health and Disability.
Academic Article PEDSnet: a National Pediatric Learning Health System.
Academic Article PEDSnet: how a prototype pediatric learning health system is being expanded into a national network.
Academic Article Augmentation of acute random pattern skin flap viability in the pig.
Academic Article Advancing the science of measurement in pediatric quality of care.
Academic Article Concept and measurement of pediatric value.
Academic Article Self-reported pediatric measures of physical activity, sedentary behavior, and strength impact for PROMIS: conceptual framework.
Academic Article Self-reported pediatric measures of physical activity, sedentary behavior, and strength impact for PROMIS: item development.
Academic Article Association of antibiotics in infancy with early childhood obesity.
Academic Article Adoption of electronic medical record-based decision support for otitis media in children.
Academic Article The changing nature of children's health development: new challenges require major policy solutions.
Academic Article Psychometrics: Essential for Valid, Reliable, and Responsive Measurement in the Development of Patient-reported Outcome Instruments in Plastic Surgery.
Academic Article The role of technical advances in the adoption and integration of patient-reported outcomes in clinical care.
Academic Article The biomechanical effects of deep tissue support as related to brow and facelift procedures.
Academic Article The impact of primary care on emergency department presentation and hospital admission with pneumonia: a case-control study of preschool-aged children.
Academic Article Abstract 150: Local Mild Hypothermia (30-32°C) is Effective in Protection of Ex Vivo Human Skeletal Muscle from Hypoxia/Reoxygenation Injury.
Academic Article Heterozygous mutations in ERF cause syndromic craniosynostosis with multiple suture involvement.
Academic Article Optimization of Cranio-Orbital Remodeling: Application of a Mathematical Model.
Academic Article Concurrent validity of the PROMIS® pediatric global health measure.
Academic Article Skull base development and craniosynostosis.
Academic Article Use of the anterolateral thigh flap for reconstruction of the pediatric anophthalmic orbit.
Academic Article Efficacy of intravenous infusion of prostacyclin (PGI2) or prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) in augmentation of skin flap blood flow and viability in the pig.
Academic Article Building Learning Health Systems to Accelerate Research and Improve Outcomes of Clinical Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.
Academic Article Midline posterior glossectomy and lingual tonsillectomy in obese and nonobese children with down syndrome: Biomarkers for success.
Academic Article Using Inertial Fusion Implosions to Measure the T+^{3}He Fusion Cross Section at Nucleosynthesis-Relevant Energies.
Academic Article Development and Evaluation of a Short Adverse Childhood Experiences Measure.
Academic Article Content Validity of Patient-Reported Outcome Instruments used with Pediatric Patients with Facial Differences: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article Evaluation and Implementation of a High-Fidelity Cleft Palate Simulator.
Academic Article Bilateral Malar Reconstruction Using Patient-Specific Polyether Ether Ketone Implants in Treacher-Collins Syndrome Patients With Absent Zygomas.
Academic Article International multiphase mixed methods study protocol to develop a cross-cultural patient-reported outcome instrument for children and young adults with cleft lip and/or palate (CLEFT-Q).
Academic Article Infant Robotic Cleft Palate Surgery: A Feasibility Assessment Using a Realistic Cleft Palate Simulator.
Academic Article Establishing Content Validity of the CLEFT-Q: A New Patient-reported Outcome Instrument for Cleft Lip/Palate.
Academic Article Children's family experiences: development of the PROMIS® pediatric family relationships measures.
Academic Article Vertebral anomalies in craniofacial microsomia: a systematic review.
Academic Article Central nervous system anomalies in craniofacial microsomia: a systematic review.
Academic Article Development and psychometric evaluation of the PROMIS Pediatric Life Satisfaction item banks, child-report, and parent-proxy editions.
Academic Article Editorial. "Horses for courses".
Academic Article Augmentation of blood flow in delayed random skin flaps in the pig: effect of length of delay period and angiogenesis.
Academic Article Development of a New Module of the FACE-Q for Children and Young Adults with Diverse Conditions Associated with Visible and/or Functional Facial Differences.
Academic Article Teaching Palatoplasty Using a High-Fidelity Cleft Palate Simulator.
Academic Article The impact of a career night information session on medical students' perceptions of the scope of practice of plastic surgeons.
Academic Article Clinical Significance of Venous Anomalies in Syndromic Craniosynostosis.
Academic Article Advancing the Science of Children's Positive Health in the National Institutes of Health Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) Research Program.
Academic Article Assessing Technical Performance and Determining the Learning Curve in Cleft Palate Surgery Using a High-Fidelity Cleft Palate Simulator.
Academic Article Dose and time effects of nicotine treatment on the capillary blood flow and viability of random pattern skin flaps in the rat.
Academic Article Transport of the critically ill patient: an example of an integrated model.
Academic Article Cranioplasty: indications, technique, and early results of autogenous split skull cranial vault reconstruction.
Academic Article Evidence for nicotine-induced skin flap ischemic necrosis in the pig.
Academic Article The effect of first-contact care with primary care clinicians on ambulatory health care expenditures.
Academic Article Continuity of care and delivery of ambulatory services to children in community health clinics.
Academic Article Vascular effects and mechanism of action of endothelin-1 in isolated perfused pig skin.
Academic Article Acute adenosine treatment is effective in augmentation of ischemic tolerance in muscle flaps in the pig.
Academic Article Injury prevention counseling in an urban pediatric clinic. Analysis of audiotaped visits.
Academic Article Primary care and health reform in New Zealand.
Academic Article Role of ATP-sensitive K+ channels in ischemic preconditioning of skeletal muscle against infarction.
Academic Article Effector mechanism of adenosine in acute ischemic preconditioning of skeletal muscle against infarction.
Academic Article Entry into primary care and continuity: the effects of access.
Academic Article Role and mechanism of endothelin-B receptors in mediating ET-1-induced vasoconstriction in pig skin.
Academic Article The vascularized pig fibula bone flap model: effects of multiple segmental osteotomies on growth and viability.
Academic Article Gatekeeping and referral of children and adolescents to specialty care.
Academic Article The pediatric primary-specialty care interface: how pediatricians refer children and adolescents to specialty care.
Academic Article A biomechanical analysis of the orbitozygomatic complex in human cadavers: examination of load sharing and failure patterns following fixation with titanium and bioresorbable plating systems.
Academic Article The vascularized pig fibula bone flap model: effect of segmental osteotomies and internal fixation on blood flow.
Academic Article A biomechanical analysis of the orbital zygomatic complex in human cadavers: examination of load sharing and failure patterns after fixation with titanium and bioresorbable systems.
Academic Article Coordination of specialty referrals and physician satisfaction with referral care.
Academic Article Revision of neoclassical facial canons in young adult Afro-Americans.
Academic Article Role and mechanism of PKC in ischemic preconditioning of pig skeletal muscle against infarction.
Academic Article Primary care safety-net delivery sites in the United States: A comparison of community health centers, hospital outpatient departments, and physicians' offices.
Academic Article Amplification effect and mechanism of action of ET-1 in U-46619-induced vasoconstriction in pig skin.
Academic Article Effect of isolation of periosteum and dura on the healing of rabbit calvarial inlay bone grafts.
Academic Article Self-referral in point-of-service health plans.
Academic Article Prevalence of health problems and primary care physicians' specialty referral decisions.
Academic Article Trigonomicrocephaly, severe micrognathia, large ears, atrioventricular septal defect, symmetrical cutaneous syndactyly of hands and feet, and multiple café-au-lait spots: new acrocraniofacial dysostosis syndrome?
Academic Article Minimally invasive approaches to mandibular fractures.
Academic Article Surface anatomy of the face in Down's syndrome: linear and angular measurements in the craniofacial regions.
Academic Article Effect of nicotine on vasoconstrictor and vasodilator responses in human skin vasculature.
Academic Article Surface anatomy of the face in Down's syndrome: anthropometric proportion indices in the craniofacial regions.
Academic Article Radiation-induced craniofacial bone growth inhibition: development of an animal model.
Academic Article Proportionality in Asian and North American Caucasian faces using neoclassical facial canons as criteria.
Academic Article Application of endoscope-assisted minimal-access techniques in orbitozygomatic complex, orbital floor, and frontal sinus fractures.
Academic Article Efficacy of radioprotection in the prevention of radiation-induced craniofacial bone growth inhibition.
Academic Article Managed care, primary care, and the patient-practitioner relationship.
Academic Article Surface anatomy of the face in Down's syndrome: age-related changes of anthropometric proportion indices in the craniofacial regions.
Academic Article Age-related changes in anthropometric measurements in the craniofacial regions and in height in Down's syndrome.
Academic Article Vulnerability and the patient-practitioner relationship: the roles of gatekeeping and primary care performance.
Academic Article Proportion indices in the craniofacial regions of 284 healthy North American white children between 1 and 5 years of age.
Academic Article Acute adenosine treatment is effective in augmentation of ischemic tolerance in muscle flaps in the pig: an update.
Academic Article Vasoconstrictor effect and mechanism of action of endothelin-1 in human radial artery and vein: implication of skin flap vasospasm.
Academic Article Relation between anthropometric and cephalometric measurements and proportions of the face of healthy young white adult men and women.
Academic Article Referral of children to specialists in the United States and the United kingdom.
Academic Article 2-Tetradecylglycidic acid, an inhibitor of carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1, induces myocardial hypertrophy via the AT1 receptor.
Academic Article Low-income women's priorities for primary care: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Adherence of low-income women to cancer screening recommendations.
Academic Article Beyond the examination room: primary care performance and the patient-physician relationship for low-income women.
Academic Article Comparing apples with apples in clinical populations: applications of the adjusted Clinical Group System in British Columbia.
Academic Article The mismatch between urban women's preferences for and experiences with primary care.
Academic Article Which enrollees bypass their gatekeepers in a point-of-service plan?
Academic Article Primary care attributes and care for depression among low-income African American women.
Academic Article Health center trends, 1994-2001: what do they portend for the federal growth initiative?
Academic Article Does community-governed nonprofit primary care improve access to services? Cross-sectional survey of practice characteristics.
Academic Article Disparities despite coverage: gaps in colorectal cancer screening among Medicare beneficiaries.
Academic Article Immunization disparities in older Americans: determinants and future research needs.
Academic Article Performance measures of the specialty referral process: a systematic review of the literature.
Academic Article Health status of extremely low-birth-weight children at 8 years of age: child and parent perspective.
Academic Article Research priorities for developmental-behavioral pediatrics: a DBPNet consensus study.
Academic Article Advancing pediatric patient-reported outcome assessment.
Academic Article Building a common pediatric research terminology for accelerating child health research.
Academic Article Patient-reported outcomes: pathways to better health, better services, and better societies.
Academic Article Psychometric findings and normative values for the CLEFT-Q based on 2434 children and young adult patients with cleft lip and/or palate from 12 countries.
Academic Article Retrospective Analysis of Candida-related Conditions in Infancy and Early Childhood Caries.
Academic Article Importance ratings on patient-reported outcome items for survivorship care: comparison between pediatric cancer survivors, parents, and clinicians.
Academic Article Early Childhood Caries: Future Perspectives in Risk Assessment.
Academic Article A systematic review of endoscopic versus open treatment of craniosynostosis. Part 2: the nonsagittal single sutures.
Academic Article A systematic review and meta-analysis of endoscopic versus open treatment of craniosynostosis. Part 1: the sagittal suture.
Academic Article Economy of Hand Motion During Cleft Palate Surgery Using a High-Fidelity Cleft Palate Simulator.
Academic Article Custom CAD/CAM implants for complex craniofacial reconstruction in children: Our experience based on 136 cases?.
Academic Article Developing a framework for the ethical design and conduct of pragmatic trials in healthcare: a mixed methods research protocol.
Academic Article A High Fidelity Cleft Lip Simulator.
Academic Article Early Antibiotic Exposure and Weight Outcomes in Young Children.
Academic Article Learning health systems.
Academic Article Reply: Evaluation and Implementation of a High-Fidelity Cleft Palate Simulator.
Academic Article Comparing Cephalic Index and Midsagittal Vector Analysis in Assessing Morphology in Sagittal Synostosis: A CT-Based Morphometric Analysis.
Academic Article Child Mortality In The US And 19 OECD Comparator Nations: A 50-Year Time-Trend Analysis.
Academic Article Vertebral anomalies in craniofacial microsomia: a retrospective analysis of 991 patients.
Academic Article Pierre Robin Sequence: Cost-Analysis and Qualitative Assessment of 89 Patients at the Hospital for Sick Children.
Academic Article Extracraniofacial anomalies in craniofacial microsomia: retrospective analysis of 991 patients.
Academic Article Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of eight pediatric PROMIS® item banks into Spanish and German.
Academic Article Comparing Prescribing and Dispensing Data of the PCORnet Common Data Model Within PCORnet Antibiotics and Childhood Growth Study.
Academic Article Evaluation of Long-term Outcomes of Facial Sensation following Cranial Vault Reconstruction for Craniosynostosis.
Academic Article Le Fort III in Syndromic Craniosynostosis: Cost Comparison of Distraction Osteogenesis Versus Single-Stage Internal Fixation Techniques.
Academic Article Facial Recognition Technology: A Primer for Plastic Surgeons.
Academic Article Development and evaluation of a computable phenotype to identify pediatric patients with leukemia and lymphoma treated with chemotherapy using electronic health record data.
Academic Article Prediction of 30-day pediatric unplanned hospitalizations using the Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups risk adjustment system.
Academic Article Supply and utilization of pediatric subspecialists in the United States.
Academic Article Effects of age, sex, race/ethnicity, and allergy status in obesity-related pediatric asthma.
Academic Article Reliability and validity of the Spanish version of the Child Health and Illness Profile (CHIP) Child-Edition, Parent Report Form (CHIP-CE/PRF).
Academic Article Outcomes research on children, adolescents, and their families: directions for future inquiry.
Academic Article A taxonomy of adolescent health: development of the adolescent health profile-types.
Academic Article Development of the healthy pathways child-report scales.
Academic Article Outcomes research in pediatric settings: recent trends and future directions.
Academic Article Dental anomalies in craniofacial microsomia: A systematic review.
Academic Article Priorities for Pediatric Patient Safety Research.
Academic Article Psychometric Evaluation of the PROMIS® Pediatric Psychological and Physical Stress Experiences Measures.
Academic Article Early Antibiotics and Childhood Obesity: Do Future Risks Matter to Parents and Physicians?
Academic Article Pragmatic Health Assessment in Early Childhood: The PROMIS® of Developmentally Based Measurement for Pediatric Psychology.
Academic Article General Health and Life Satisfaction in Children With Chronic Illness.
Academic Article Learning from electronic health records across multiple sites: A communication-efficient and privacy-preserving distributed algorithm.
Academic Article Establishing the content validity of PROMIS Pediatric pain interference, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and sleep-related impairment measures in children with chronic kidney disease and Crohn's disease.
Academic Article Qualitative Development and Content Validation of the PROMIS Pediatric Sleep Health Items.
Academic Article Development of the PROMIS Pediatric Physical Activity Item Banks.
Academic Article Maternal antibiotic use during pregnancy and childhood obesity at age 5 years.
Academic Article Evaluation of the PROMIS pediatric global health scale (PGH-7) in children with asthma.
Academic Article Patient-reported outcomes in paediatric cancer survivorship: a qualitative study to elicit the content from cancer survivors and caregivers.
Academic Article Assessing Children's Eudaimonic Well-Being: The PROMIS Pediatric Meaning and Purpose Item Banks.
Academic Article Learning from local to global: An efficient distributed algorithm for modeling time-to-event data.
Academic Article Development of patient-reported outcome measures of children's oral health aesthetics.

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