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Concept Controlled Clinical Trials as Topic
Concept Clinical Trials as Topic
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness analysis for multinational clinical trials.
Academic Article The value of information and optimal clinical trial design.
Academic Article Conducting economic evaluations alongside multinational clinical trials: toward a research consensus.
Academic Article Pediatric stroke initiatives and preliminary studies: What is known and what is needed?
Academic Article Expected value of information and decision making in HTA.
Academic Article Time and expected value of sample information wait for no patient.
Academic Article The value of value of information: best informing research design and prioritization using current methods.
Academic Article Consistently estimating absolute risk difference when translating evidence to jurisdictions of interest.
Academic Article Value of information and pricing new healthcare interventions.
Academic Article Using value-of-information methods when the disease is rare and the treatment is expensive--the example of hemophilia A.
Academic Article Superiority of alternating non-cross-resistant chemotherapy in extensive small cell lung cancer. A multicenter, randomized clinical trial by the National Cancer Institute of Canada.
Academic Article Chemotherapy can prolong survival in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer--report of a Canadian multicenter randomized trial.
Academic Article The use of VP-16 plus cisplatin during induction chemotherapy for small-cell lung cancer.
Academic Article Failure of methylprednisolone acetate to prolong the antinauseant effect of intravenous methylprednisolone sodium succinate in patients receiving chemotherapy.
Academic Article A randomized trial of maintenance versus no maintenance melphalan and prednisone in responding multiple myeloma patients.
Academic Article Carryover and the two-period crossover clinical trial.
Academic Article A double blind placebo controlled crossover randomized trial of diltiazem in Raynaud's phenomenon.
Academic Article Methodologic issues in trials of antiemetics.
Academic Article Comment on the effectiveness of induction of labor for postterm pregnancy.
Academic Article Power function arguments in support of an alternative approach for analyzing management trials.
Academic Article Design considerations in crossover trials with a single interim analysis and serial patient entry.
Academic Article Benefit-risk ratios in the assessment of the clinical evidence of a new therapy.
Academic Article Sample size and power issues in estimating incremental cost-effectiveness ratios from clinical trials data.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness analysis when the WTA is greater than the WTP.

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