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Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Article Neural correlates of personally familiar faces: parents, partner and own faces.
Academic Article The changing face of emotion: age-related patterns of amygdala activation to salient faces.
Academic Article Brain responses differ to faces of mothers and fathers.
Academic Article Is 2+2=4? Meta-analyses of brain areas needed for numbers and calculations.
Academic Article Speech-induced suppression of evoked auditory fields in children who stutter.
Academic Article Optimized T1- and T2-weighted volumetric brain imaging as a diagnostic tool in very preterm neonates.
Academic Article Converging evidence for the advantage of dynamic facial expressions.
Academic Article The development of face recognition; hippocampal and frontal lobe contributions determined with MEG.
Academic Article Characterizing the normal developmental trajectory of expressive language lateralization using magnetoencephalography.
Academic Article Regional differences in grey and white matter in children and adults with autism spectrum disorders: an activation likelihood estimate (ALE) meta-analysis.
Academic Article fMRI and MEG in the study of typical and atypical cognitive development.
Academic Article Deep gray matter maturation in very preterm neonates: regional variations and pathology-related age-dependent changes in magnetization transfer ratio.
Academic Article Neuroanatomical consequences of very preterm birth in middle childhood.
Academic Article Visual functional magnetic resonance imaging of preterm infants.
Academic Article The centre of the brain: topographical model of motor, cognitive, affective, and somatosensory functions of the basal ganglia.
Academic Article Lateralization of affective processing in the insula.
Academic Article Self-injurious behaviours are associated with alterations in the somatosensory system in children with autism spectrum disorder.
Academic Article Alterations in frontostriatal pathways in children born very preterm.
Academic Article The development of regional functional connectivity in preterm infants into early childhood.
Academic Article Structure and function: how to connect?
Academic Article Neural correlates of inhibition of socially relevant stimuli in adults with autism spectrum disorder.
Academic Article Oscillations, networks, and their development: MEG connectivity changes with age.
Academic Article Impaired development of intrinsic connectivity networks in children with medically intractable localization-related epilepsy.
Academic Article Neural mechanisms of inhibitory control continue to mature in adolescence.
Academic Article Deep grey matter growth predicts neurodevelopmental outcomes in very preterm children.
Academic Article Cerebral maturation in the early preterm period-A magnetization transfer and diffusion tensor imaging study using voxel-based analysis.
Academic Article Maternal Postsecondary Education Associated With Improved Cerebellar Growth After Preterm Birth.
Academic Article Desynchronization of fronto-temporal networks during working memory processing in autism.
Academic Article Longitudinal cerebellar growth following very preterm birth.
Academic Article Associations of Perinatal Clinical and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Measures with Developmental Outcomes in Children Born Very Preterm.
Academic Article The developing human brain: age-related changes in cortical, subcortical, and cerebellar anatomy.
Academic Article Longitudinal Study of White Matter Development and Outcomes in Children Born Very Preterm.
Academic Article Functional changes during visuo-spatial working memory in autism spectrum disorder: 2-year longitudinal functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
Academic Article The neural correlates of attachment security in typically developing children.
Academic Article Load matters: neural correlates of verbal working memory in children with autism spectrum disorder.
Academic Article Gaming-addicted teens identify more with their cyber-self than their own self: Neural evidence.
Academic Article Alpha keeps it together: Alpha oscillatory synchrony underlies working memory maintenance in young children.
Academic Article Altered myelin maturation in four year old children born very preterm.
Academic Article Characterization of Autism Spectrum Disorder across the Age Span by Intrinsic Network Patterns.
Academic Article Converging function, structure, and behavioural features of emotion regulation in very preterm children.

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