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Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Article Magnetic resonance imaging for detection and analysis of mouse phenotypes.
Academic Article Quantitative T2 in the occipital lobe: the role of the CPMG refocusing rate.
Academic Article Regional variations in normal brain shown by quantitative magnetization transfer imaging.
Academic Article High-resolution longitudinal screening with magnetic resonance imaging in a murine brain cancer model.
Academic Article The role of edema and demyelination in chronic T1 black holes: a quantitative magnetization transfer study.
Academic Article Neuroanatomical differences between mouse strains as shown by high-resolution 3D MRI.
Academic Article Fast spin-echo for multiple mouse magnetic resonance phenotyping.
Academic Article Axonal injury in the cerebral normal-appearing white matter of patients with multiple sclerosis is related to concurrent demyelination in lesions but not to concurrent demyelination in normal-appearing white matter.
Academic Article Disease phenotyping: structural and functional readouts.
Academic Article Anatomical phenotyping in the brain and skull of a mutant mouse by magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography.
Academic Article Presentation of 3D isotropic imaging data for optimal viewing.
Academic Article Three-dimensional cerebral vasculature of the CBA mouse brain: a magnetic resonance imaging and micro computed tomography study.
Academic Article MR technology for biological studies in mice.
Academic Article Starting early: MRI evidence of gray matter atrophy in children with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Cortical thickness measured from MRI in the YAC128 mouse model of Huntington's disease.
Academic Article Longitudinal neuroanatomical changes determined by deformation-based morphometry in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Time course and nature of brain atrophy in the MRL mouse model of central nervous system lupus.
Academic Article Dimensions of the human sclera: Thickness measurement and regional changes with axial length.
Academic Article Quantitative magnetization transfer and myelin water imaging of the evolution of acute multiple sclerosis lesions.
Academic Article Mouse embryonic phenotyping by morphometric analysis of MR images.
Academic Article Maze training in mice induces MRI-detectable brain shape changes specific to the type of learning.
Academic Article Optimized T1- and T2-weighted volumetric brain imaging as a diagnostic tool in very preterm neonates.
Academic Article MRI correlates of cognitive impairment in childhood-onset multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Semi-automatic segmentation of multiple mouse embryos in MR images.
Academic Article Iterative optimization method for design of quantitative magnetization transfer imaging experiments.
Academic Article MRI parameters for prediction of multiple sclerosis diagnosis in children with acute CNS demyelination: a prospective national cohort study.
Academic Article Reduced head and brain size for age and disproportionately smaller thalami in child-onset MS.
Academic Article Memory performance and normalized regional brain volumes in patients with pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Deep gray matter maturation in very preterm neonates: regional variations and pathology-related age-dependent changes in magnetization transfer ratio.
Academic Article Visual functional magnetic resonance imaging of preterm infants.
Academic Article 2010 McDonald criteria for diagnosing pediatric multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Development of a standardized MRI scoring tool for CNS demyelination in children.
Academic Article Adolescent cocaine exposure causes enduring macroscale changes in mouse brain structure.
Academic Article Advanced magnetic resonance imaging in pediatric multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Quantitative MRI for studying neonatal brain development.
Academic Article The development of regional functional connectivity in preterm infants into early childhood.
Academic Article Quantitative determination of regional lesion volume and distribution in children and adults with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Altered brain development in an early-onset murine model of Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Onset of multiple sclerosis before adulthood leads to failure of age-expected brain growth.
Academic Article Deep grey matter growth predicts neurodevelopmental outcomes in very preterm children.
Academic Article Cerebral maturation in the early preterm period-A magnetization transfer and diffusion tensor imaging study using voxel-based analysis.
Academic Article Reduced fetal cerebral oxygen consumption is associated with smaller brain size in fetuses with congenital heart disease.
Academic Article MRI-detectable changes in mouse brain structure induced by voluntary exercise.
Academic Article B1 mapping for bias-correction in quantitative T1 imaging of the brain at 3T using standard pulse sequences.
Academic Article Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging in very early onset pediatric multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article The hemodynamics of late-onset intrauterine growth restriction by MRI.
Academic Article Longitudinal cerebellar growth following very preterm birth.
Academic Article Brain activation patterns and cognitive processing speed in patients with pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Alterations in Functional and Structural Connectivity in Pediatric-Onset Multiple Sclerosis.
Academic Article Relaxation properties of human umbilical cord blood at 1.5 Tesla.
Academic Article Longitudinal Study of White Matter Development and Outcomes in Children Born Very Preterm.
Academic Article Non-invasive evaluation of blood oxygen saturation and hematocrit from T1 and T2 relaxation times: In-vitro validation in fetal blood.
Academic Article Human umbilical cord blood relaxation times and susceptibility at 3 T.
Academic Article Altered cerebral blood flow and cerebrovascular function after voluntary exercise in adult mice.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance thermometry of flowing blood.
Academic Article Fetal brain sparing in a mouse model of chronic maternal hypoxia.
Academic Article Modelling and interpretation of magnetization transfer imaging in the brain.
Academic Article New advances in fetal cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging for quantifying the distribution of blood flow and oxygen transport: Potential applications in fetal cardiovascular disease diagnosis and therapy.
Academic Article Design and construction of a realistic digital brain phantom.
Academic Article Correction for B(1) and B(0) variations in quantitative T(2) measurements using MRI.
Academic Article Quantitative interpretation of magnetization transfer in spoiled gradient echo MRI sequences.
Academic Article Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of six algorithms for correcting intensity nonuniformity effects.
Academic Article Quantitative imaging of magnetization transfer exchange and relaxation properties in vivo using MRI.
Academic Article Regional magnetization transfer ratio changes in mild cognitive impairment.
Academic Article Magnetization transfer ratio in mild cognitive impairment and dementia of Alzheimer's type.
Academic Article Structural covariance of brain region volumes is associated with both structural connectivity and transcriptomic similarity.
Academic Article Involvement of the Amygdala in Memory and Psychosocial Functioning in Pediatric-Onset Multiple Sclerosis.
Academic Article Neurogliovascular dysfunction in a model of repeated traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article White matter injury predicts disrupted functional connectivity and microstructure in very preterm born neonates.
Academic Article Altered myelin maturation in four year old children born very preterm.
Academic Article Fetal hemodynamics and cardiac streaming assessed by 4D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance in fetal sheep.
Academic Article The utility of MRI for measuring hematocrit in fetal anemia.
Academic Article Normal human and sheep fetal vessel oxygen saturations by T2 magnetic resonance imaging.

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