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Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Article Magnetic resonance imaging for detection and analysis of mouse phenotypes.
Academic Article Quantifying blood-spinal cord barrier permeability after peripheral nerve injury in the living mouse.
Academic Article Ultrasound-guided left-ventricular catheterization: a novel method of whole mouse perfusion for microimaging.
Academic Article Comprehensive transthoracic cardiac imaging in mice using ultrasound biomicroscopy with anatomical confirmation by magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Multiple mouse biological loading and monitoring system for MRI.
Academic Article Fast spin-echo for multiple mouse magnetic resonance phenotyping.
Academic Article Gradient hysteresis in MRI and NMR experiments.
Academic Article In vivo multiple-mouse MRI at 7 Tesla.
Academic Article Anatomical phenotyping in the brain and skull of a mutant mouse by magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography.
Academic Article Retrospective gating for mouse cardiac MRI.
Academic Article MR technology for biological studies in mice.
Academic Article Oxygen-enhanced MR imaging of mice lungs.
Academic Article Three-dimensional, in vivo MRI with self-gating and image coregistration in the mouse.
Academic Article Three-dimensional micro-MRI analysis of cerebral artery development in mouse embryos.
Academic Article In vivo MRI of neural cell migration dynamics in the mouse brain.
Academic Article Ultrasound and magnetic resonance microimaging of mouse development.
Academic Article Morphological and functional midbrain phenotypes in Fibroblast Growth Factor 17 mutant mice detected by Mn-enhanced MRI.
Academic Article In utero phenotyping of mouse embryonic vasculature with MRI.
Academic Article Mouse phenotyping with MRI.
Academic Article High-resolution MRI of early-stage mouse embryos.
Academic Article If the skull fits: magnetic resonance imaging and microcomputed tomography for combined analysis of brain and skull phenotypes in the mouse.
Academic Article Radiation-induced alterations in mouse brain development characterized by magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article MRI analysis of cerebellar and vestibular developmental phenotypes in Gbx2 conditional knockout mice.
Academic Article Cellular imaging and texture analysis distinguish differences in cellular dynamics in mouse brain tumors.
Academic Article 4D MEMRI atlas of neonatal FVB/N mouse brain development.
Academic Article White and Gray Matter Abnormalities After Cranial Radiation in Children and Mice.
Academic Article Variations in post-perfusion immersion fixation and storage alter MRI measurements of mouse brain morphometry.
Academic Article Brain structure, working memory and response inhibition in childhood leukemia survivors.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance thermometry of flowing blood.
Academic Article Partitioning k-space for cylindrical three-dimensional rapid acquisition with relaxation enhancement imaging in the mouse brain.
Academic Article Altered brain morphology after focal radiation reveals impact of off-target effects: implications for white matter development and neurogenesis.
Academic Article Continuous manganese delivery via osmotic pumps for manganese-enhanced mouse MRI does not impair spatial learning but leads to skin ulceration.
Academic Article Structural covariance of brain region volumes is associated with both structural connectivity and transcriptomic similarity.
Academic Article MRI to Assess Neurological Function.
Academic Article Mouse MRI shows brain areas relatively larger in males emerge before those larger in females.
Academic Article Brain Development and Heart Function after Systemic Single-Agent Chemotherapy in a Mouse Model of Childhood Leukemia Treatment.
Academic Article p53 Loss Mitigates Early Volume Deficits in the Brains of Irradiated Young Mice.

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