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Concept Delivery of Health Care, Integrated
Concept Absorptiometry, Photon
Concept Respiratory Function Tests
Concept Translational Medical Research
Concept Longitudinal Studies
Concept Prenatal Diagnosis
Concept Diagnosis, Differential
Concept Primary Health Care
Concept Specimen Handling
Concept Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Concept Activities of Daily Living
Concept Intubation, Gastrointestinal
Concept Injections, Intramuscular
Concept Health Communication
Concept Prognosis
Concept Sickness Impact Profile
Concept Informed Consent
Concept Research
Concept Patient Selection
Concept Kidney Transplantation
Concept Needs Assessment
Concept Mass Spectrometry
Concept Pilot Projects
Concept Radiotherapy
Concept Early Ambulation
Concept Surgical Procedures, Operative
Concept Patient Participation
Concept Mental Health Services
Concept Critical Pathways
Concept Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Concept Hypothermia, Induced
Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Cross-Over Studies
Concept Manipulation, Osteopathic
Concept Research Design
Concept Positive-Pressure Respiration
Concept Renal Replacement Therapy
Concept Ethics, Research
Concept Appendectomy
Concept Combined Modality Therapy
Concept Interviews as Topic
Concept Spinal Puncture
Concept Double-Blind Method
Concept Family
Concept Postoperative Care
Concept Controlled Clinical Trials as Topic
Concept Patient-Centered Care
Concept Bone Marrow Transplantation
Concept Clinical Trials, Phase III as Topic
Concept Research Report
Concept Mass Vaccination
Concept Health Care Surveys
Concept Risk Management
Concept Data Collection
Concept Community Health Services
Concept Leukocyte Transfusion
Concept Respiration, Artificial
Concept Epidemiologic Research Design
Concept Medical Audit
Concept Gastrostomy
Concept Mass Screening
Concept Infant Nutritional Physiological Phenomena
Concept Salvage Therapy
Concept Administration, Oral
Concept Ultrasonography, Prenatal
Concept Health Services Research
Concept Patient Care Team
Concept Program Evaluation
Concept Intensive Care, Neonatal
Concept High-Frequency Ventilation
Concept Peer Review
Concept Cohort Studies
Concept Drug Evaluation
Concept Radiography
Concept Medical History Taking
Concept Case-Control Studies
Concept Drug Therapy
Concept Child Welfare
Concept Neuromuscular Blockade
Concept Child Health Services
Concept Prospective Studies
Concept Cross-Sectional Studies
Concept Intermittent Positive-Pressure Ventilation
Concept Blood Sedimentation
Concept Enteral Nutrition
Concept Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic
Concept Enzyme Replacement Therapy
Concept Cesarean Section
Concept Emergency Medical Services
Concept Jejunostomy
Concept Models, Theoretical
Concept Cell- and Tissue-Based Therapy
Concept Radioimmunodetection
Concept Delivery, Obstetric
Concept Guideline Adherence
Concept Renal Dialysis
Concept Disease Management
Concept Lung Volume Measurements
Concept Clinical Protocols
Concept Infusions, Intravenous
Concept Chromatography, Liquid
Concept Early Diagnosis
Concept Leukocyte Count
Concept Logistic Models
Concept Clinical Trials as Topic
Concept Risk Assessment
Concept Diagnostic Tests, Routine
Concept Placebos
Concept Craniotomy
Concept Manipulation, Chiropractic
Concept Follow-Up Studies
Concept Resuscitation
Concept Injections, Intravenous
Concept Electroencephalography
Concept Peritoneal Dialysis
Concept Phototherapy
Concept Exchange Transfusion, Whole Blood
Concept Osteotomy
Concept Digestive System Surgical Procedures
Concept Gastric Bypass
Concept Multicenter Studies as Topic
Concept Reoperation
Concept Research Personnel
Concept Preimplantation Diagnosis
Concept Endpoint Determination
Concept Ultrasonography
Concept Echocardiography
Concept Epidemiologic Methods
Concept Administration, Inhalation
Concept Manipulation, Orthopedic
Concept Rewarming
Concept Early Termination of Clinical Trials
Concept Off-Label Use
Concept Delphi Technique
Concept Fluid Therapy
Concept Thyroid Function Tests
Concept Health Plan Implementation
Concept Erythrocyte Indices
Concept Antibiotic Prophylaxis
Concept Glomerular Filtration Rate
Concept Perinatal Care
Concept Fertilization in Vitro
Concept Biomedical Research
Concept Electrocardiography
Concept Infection Control
Concept Critical Care
Academic Article Neurodevelopment after neonatal hypoglycemia: a systematic review and design of an optimal future study.
Academic Article Definitions and measurement of chronic health conditions in childhood: a systematic review.
Academic Article Granulocyte transfusions in neutropaenic children: a systematic review of the literature.
Academic Article IVF with preimplantation genetic screening, a promising new treatment with unexpectedly negative health outcomes: the Hippocratic role of Data Monitoring Committees.
Academic Article Efficient ways exist to obtain the optimal sample size in clinical trials in rare diseases.
Academic Article Defining chronic diseases and health conditions in childhood (0-18 years of age): national consensus in the Netherlands.
Academic Article Design, analysis and reporting on a croup trial: a reply to Chub-Uppakarn s et al.
Academic Article [Serious concerns regarding research linking cot death with child day care].
Academic Article The Dutch Medicines for Children Research Network: a new resource for clinical trials.
Academic Article Elective high-frequency oscillatory ventilation in preterm infants with respiratory distress syndrome: an individual patient data meta-analysis.
Academic Article Sequential design with boundaries approach in pediatric intervention research reduces sample size.
Academic Article [Start of reliable pediatric clinical research].
Academic Article Data monitoring committees, interim analysis and early termination in paediatric trials.
Academic Article Enzyme replacement therapy and/or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation at diagnosis in patients with mucopolysaccharidosis type I: results of a European consensus procedure.
Academic Article Small sample approach, and statistical and epidemiological aspects.
Academic Article StaR Child Health: developing evidence-based guidance for the design, conduct, and reporting of pediatric trials.
Academic Article Systemic Hydrocortisone To Prevent Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in preterm infants (the SToP-BPD study); a multicenter randomized placebo controlled trial.
Academic Article The mission of StaR Child Health is to improve the quality of the design, conduct, and reporting of pediatric clinical research by promoting the use of modern research standards. Introduction.
Academic Article StaR child health: developing evidence-based guidance for the design, conduct, and reporting of pediatric trials.
Academic Article Standard 2: containing risk of bias.
Academic Article Standard 5: selection, measurement, and reporting of outcomes in clinical trials in children.
Academic Article StaR Child Health: improving global standards for child health research.
Academic Article StaR Child Health: developing evidence-based guidance for the design, conduct and reporting of paediatric trials.
Academic Article Ethics review of pediatric multi-center drug trials.
Academic Article Knowledge translation in biostatistics: a survey of current practices, preferences, and barriers to the dissemination and uptake of new statistical methods.
Academic Article Recommendations and evidence for reporting items in pediatric clinical trial protocols and reports: two systematic reviews.
Academic Article PRISMA-Children (C) and PRISMA-Protocol for Children (P-C) Extensions: a study protocol for the development of guidelines for the conduct and reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of newborn and child health research.
Academic Article Are child-centric aspects in newborn and child health systematic review and meta-analysis protocols and reports adequately reported?-two systematic reviews.
Academic Article Do systematic reviews on pediatric topics need special methodological considerations?
Academic Article Trial registration in pediatric surgery trials.
Academic Article Establishing core outcome sets for phenylketonuria (PKU) and medium-chain Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase (MCAD) deficiency in children: study protocol for systematic reviews and Delphi surveys.
Academic Article Antipyretic efficacy of ibuprofen and acetaminophen in children with febrile seizures.
Academic Article [The practice of systematic reviews. I. Introduction].
Academic Article [Systematic reviews in practice. VIII. Searching and assessing systematic reviews].
Academic Article Useful pharmacodynamic endpoints in children: selection, measurement, and next steps.
Academic Article Pharmacokinetic studies in children: recommendations for practice and research.
Academic Article Reporting of interventions and "standard of care" control arms in pediatric clinical trials: a quantitative analysis.
Academic Article Creation of an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Guideline for neonatal intestinal surgery patients: a knowledge synthesis and consensus generation approach and protocol study.
Academic Article Effect of Hydrocortisone Therapy Initiated 7 to 14 Days After Birth on Mortality or Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Among Very Preterm Infants Receiving Mechanical Ventilation: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Guidance for reporting outcomes in clinical trials: scoping review protocol.
Academic Article Improving outcome reporting in clinical trial reports and protocols: study protocol for the Instrument for reporting Planned Endpoints in Clinical Trials (InsPECT).
Academic Article Counting What Counts: The Case for Harmonized Outcomes in Child and Youth Mental Health Research.
Academic Article Innovative approaches to investigator-initiated, multicentre paediatric clinical trials in Canada.
Academic Article Complex care for kids Ontario: protocol for a mixed-methods randomised controlled trial of a population-level care coordination initiative for children with medical complexity.
Academic Article Training researchers in publication science: why, what, and how.
Academic Article Neurodevelopmental outcome descriptions in cohorts of extremely preterm children.
Academic Article From Research to Practice: The Importance of Appropriate Outcome Selection, Measurement, and Reporting in Pediatric Mental Health Research.

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