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Concept Synaptic Transmission
Concept Neural Inhibition
Concept Synaptic Potentials
Academic Article Trans-synaptic shift in anion gradient in spinal lamina I neurons as a mechanism of neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Nonlinear interaction between shunting and adaptation controls a switch between integration and coincidence detection in pyramidal neurons.
Academic Article Reduction of anion reversal potential subverts the inhibitory control of firing rate in spinal lamina I neurons: towards a biophysical basis for neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Hippocampal bursts caused by changes in NMDA receptor-dependent excitation in a mouse model of variant CJD.
Academic Article Chloride regulation in the pain pathway.
Academic Article Efficacy of synaptic inhibition depends on multiple, dynamically interacting mechanisms implicated in chloride homeostasis.
Academic Article ClC-2 channels regulate neuronal excitability, not intracellular chloride levels.
Academic Article Inhibitory regulation of the pain gate and how its failure causes pathological pain.
Academic Article Synaptic inhibition and disinhibition in the spinal dorsal horn.
Academic Article Chloride dysregulation and inhibitory receptor blockade yield equivalent disinhibition of spinal neurons yet are differentially reversed by carbonic anhydrase blockade.
Academic Article Regulation of Cortical Dynamic Range by Background Synaptic Noise and Feedforward Inhibition.
Academic Article Chloride Regulation: A Dynamic Equilibrium Crucial for Synaptic Inhibition.
Academic Article Combined Changes in Chloride Regulation and Neuronal Excitability Enable Primary Afferent Depolarization to Elicit Spiking without Compromising its Inhibitory Effects.
Academic Article Gain control of firing rate by shunting inhibition: roles of synaptic noise and dendritic saturation.
Grant Role of synaptic inhibition and the network-level effects of conventional and high-frequency spinal cord stimulation
Grant hloride dysregulation and neuropathic pain: Linking molecular mechanisms with altered pain processing via identification of cellular and circuit level changes

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