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Concept Delivery of Health Care, Integrated
Concept Translational Medical Research
Concept Longitudinal Studies
Concept Bacteriological Techniques
Concept Microscopy, Fluorescence
Concept Disinfection
Concept Prenatal Diagnosis
Concept Communicable Disease Control
Concept Bacterial Typing Techniques
Concept Marriage
Concept Diagnosis, Differential
Concept Primary Health Care
Concept Specimen Handling
Concept Health Facility Administration
Concept Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Concept No-Observed-Adverse-Effect Level
Concept Precision Medicine
Concept Ambulatory Care
Concept Nutrition Surveys
Concept Health Communication
Concept Fertility
Concept Health Surveys
Concept Prognosis
Concept Sequence Analysis, DNA
Concept Health Education
Concept Informed Consent
Concept Research
Concept Patient Selection
Concept Needs Assessment
Concept Partnership Practice
Concept Death
Concept Technology Assessment, Biomedical
Concept Nutrition Assessment
Concept Health Status Indicators
Concept Home Childbirth
Concept Adolescent Health Services
Concept Pilot Projects
Concept Primary Prevention
Concept Regional Health Planning
Concept Patient Admission
Concept Drug Monitoring
Concept Food Safety
Concept Family Planning Services
Concept Body Weights and Measures
Concept Anthropometry
Concept Community Networks
Concept Urban Health Services
Concept Immunoassay
Concept Spatio-Temporal Analysis
Concept Continuity of Patient Care
Concept Drug Therapy, Combination
Concept Homeopathy
Concept Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction
Concept Research Design
Concept Education, Nursing
Concept Ethics, Research
Concept Staff Development
Concept Demography
Concept Healthy People Programs
Concept Liver Function Tests
Concept Feasibility Studies
Concept Psychometrics
Concept Statistics as Topic
Concept Combined Modality Therapy
Concept Epidemiologic Studies
Concept Interviews as Topic
Concept Double-Blind Method
Concept Counseling
Concept Public Health Surveillance
Concept Family
Concept Patient Education as Topic
Concept Controlled Clinical Trials as Topic
Concept Mass Vaccination
Concept Molecular Typing
Concept Health Care Surveys
Concept Health Care Reform
Concept Kangaroo-Mother Care Method
Concept Data Collection
Concept Community Health Services
Concept Respiration, Artificial
Concept Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction
Concept Population Surveillance
Concept Molecular Diagnostic Techniques
Concept Epidemiologic Research Design
Concept Preoperative Care
Concept National Health Programs
Concept Agglutination Tests
Concept Intubation, Intratracheal
Concept Evaluation Studies as Topic
Concept Social Determinants of Health
Concept Early Medical Intervention
Concept Nutrition Therapy
Concept Education, Medical
Concept Medical Audit
Concept Education
Concept Mass Screening
Concept Health Services Administration
Concept Emergency Treatment
Concept Infant Nutritional Physiological Phenomena
Concept Administration, Oral
Concept Ultrasonography, Prenatal
Concept Health Services Research
Concept Training Support
Concept Patient Care Team
Concept Human Experimentation
Concept Urine Specimen Collection
Concept Public Health Practice
Concept Program Evaluation
Concept Information Systems
Concept Bone Marrow Examination
Concept Seroepidemiologic Studies
Concept Administration, Cutaneous
Concept Intensive Care, Neonatal
Concept Risk Reduction Behavior
Concept Consumer Health Information
Concept Noninvasive Ventilation
Concept Single-Blind Method
Concept Cohort Studies
Concept Postnatal Care
Concept Immunization Programs
Concept Health Promotion
Concept Radiography
Concept Dental Care
Concept Case-Control Studies
Concept Culturally Competent Care
Concept Microbial Sensitivity Tests
Concept Maternal Health Services
Concept Ethics Committees, Research
Concept Child Welfare
Concept Child Health Services
Concept Reproductive Health Services
Concept Prospective Studies
Concept Cross-Sectional Studies
Concept Enteral Nutrition
Concept Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic
Concept Fetal Monitoring
Concept Immunization
Concept Cross-Cultural Comparison
Concept Cesarean Section
Concept Interrupted Time Series Analysis
Concept Tomography, X-Ray Computed
Concept Emergency Medical Services
Concept Models, Theoretical
Concept Oxygen Inhalation Therapy
Concept Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis
Concept Delivery, Obstetric
Concept Guideline Adherence
Concept Preconception Care
Concept Disease Eradication
Concept Constriction
Concept Disease Management
Concept Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures
Concept Reference Standards
Concept Research Support as Topic
Concept Family Characteristics
Concept Clinical Protocols
Concept Infusions, Intravenous
Concept Public Health Administration
Concept Early Diagnosis
Concept Logistic Models
Concept Preventive Health Services
Concept Feeding Methods
Concept Prenatal Education
Concept Infant Welfare
Concept Contraception
Concept Clinical Trials as Topic
Concept Nutritional Support
Concept Immunoenzyme Techniques
Concept Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction
Concept Histocytochemistry
Concept Telemedicine
Concept Risk Assessment
Concept Delivery of Health Care
Concept Immunization, Secondary
Concept Directive Counseling
Concept Home Nursing
Concept Diagnostic Tests, Routine
Concept Placebos
Concept Triage
Concept Population Growth
Concept Neonatal Nursing
Concept Patient Readmission
Concept Elective Surgical Procedures
Concept Grounded Theory
Concept Electrophoresis, Gel, Pulsed-Field
Concept Follow-Up Studies
Concept Autopsy
Concept Resuscitation
Concept Injections, Intravenous
Concept Immunoblotting
Concept Capacity Building
Concept Intention to Treat Analysis
Concept Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid
Concept Health Planning
Concept Maternal-Child Health Centers
Concept Women's Health Services
Concept Parenteral Nutrition
Concept Multicenter Studies as Topic
Concept Pelvimetry
Concept Neonatal Screening
Concept Suction
Concept Vaccination
Concept Infant Care
Concept Endpoint Determination
Concept Ultrasonography
Concept Epidemiologic Methods
Concept Biometry
Concept Cephalometry
Concept Models, Organizational
Concept Polymerase Chain Reaction
Concept Serotyping
Concept Delphi Technique
Concept Fluid Therapy
Concept Midwifery
Concept Rural Health Services
Concept Life Change Events
Concept Health Plan Implementation
Concept Spatial Analysis
Concept Labor, Induced
Concept Qualitative Research
Concept Administration, Topical
Concept Serologic Tests
Concept Crown-Rump Length
Concept Educational Measurement
Concept Ultrasonography, Doppler
Concept Observation
Concept House Calls
Concept Antibiotic Prophylaxis
Concept Hospitalization
Concept Breath Tests
Concept Health Services
Concept Perinatal Care
Concept DNA Mutational Analysis
Concept Biomedical Research
Concept School Health Services
Concept Immunization Schedule
Concept Patient Care Planning
Concept Airway Management
Concept Prenatal Care
Concept Infection Control
Academic Article Practising just medicine in an unjust world.
Academic Article Knowledge for better health: a conceptual framework and foundation for health research systems.
Academic Article Persistent and chronic diarrhea and malabsorption: Working Group report of the second World Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition.
Academic Article Overcoming health-systems constraints to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.
Academic Article Standards of care in research.
Academic Article Beyond informed consent.
Academic Article Better health statistics are possible.
Academic Article Micronutrients (including zinc) reduce diarrhoea in children: the Pakistan Sprinkles Diarrhoea Study.
Academic Article Setting priorities in global child health research investments: assessment of principles and practice.
Academic Article Maternal micronutrient deficiencies in developing countries.
Academic Article Recent advances and evidence gaps in persistent diarrhea.
Academic Article Setting priorities in global child health research investments: guidelines for implementation of CHNRI method.
Academic Article 3.2 million stillbirths: epidemiology and overview of the evidence review.
Academic Article Towards a new developmental synthesis: adaptive developmental plasticity and human disease.
Academic Article Directing diarrhoeal disease research towards disease-burden reduction.
Academic Article Treatment response to iron and folic acid alone is the same as with multivitamins and/or anthelminthics in severely anemic 6- to 24-month-old children.
Academic Article Setting research priorities to reduce almost one million deaths from birth asphyxia by 2015.
Academic Article Stillbirths: the vision for 2020.
Academic Article Elective induction for pregnancies at or beyond 41 weeks of gestation and its impact on stillbirths: a systematic review with meta-analysis.
Academic Article Setting research priorities to reduce global mortality from childhood pneumonia by 2015.
Academic Article Current issues and priorities in childhood nutrition, growth, and infections.
Academic Article Annual Research Review: Improved nutrition--pathway to resilience.
Academic Article Formative research and development of an evidence-based communication strategy: the introduction of Vi typhoid fever vaccine among school-aged children in Karachi, Pakistan.
Academic Article The objectives, design and implementation of the INTERGROWTH-21st Project.
Academic Article Setting research priorities to reduce mortality and morbidity of childhood diarrhoeal disease in the next 15 years.
Academic Article Health equity: evidence synthesis and knowledge translation methods.
Academic Article Improved accessibility of emergency obstetrics and newborn care (EmONC) services for maternal and newborn health: a community based project.
Academic Article Global action plan for childhood diarrhoea: Developing research priorities: Report from a Workshop of the Programme for Global Paediatric Research.
Academic Article Anthropometric protocols for the construction of new international fetal and newborn growth standards: the INTERGROWTH-21st Project.
Academic Article Standardisation of neonatal clinical practice.
Academic Article Vitamin D3supplementation and childhood diarrhea: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Setting research priorities for preconception care in low- and middle-income countries: aiming to reduce maternal and child mortality and morbidity.
Academic Article A rapid questionnaire assessment of environmental exposures to pregnant women in the INTERGROWTH-21st Project.
Academic Article A cross sectional survey of newborn care practices in rural Sindh, Pakistan: implications for research and policy.
Academic Article Immunogenicity and safety of the Vi-CRM197 conjugate vaccine against typhoid fever in adults, children, and infants in south and southeast Asia: results from two randomised, observer-blind, age de-escalation, phase 2 trials.
Academic Article Born too soon: care before and between pregnancy to prevent preterm births: from evidence to action.
Academic Article Effect of integrated responsive stimulation and nutrition interventions in the Lady Health Worker programme in Pakistan on child development, growth, and health outcomes: a cluster-randomised factorial effectiveness trial.
Academic Article Should research fraud be a crime?
Academic Article Development of a post-mortem procedure to reduce the uncertainty regarding causes of death in developing countries.
Academic Article The community-based delivery of an innovative neonatal kit to save newborn lives in rural Pakistan: design of a cluster randomized trial.
Academic Article Approaches to improve quality of care (QoC) for women and newborns: conclusions, evidence gaps and research priorities.
Academic Article Assessment of environmental enteropathy in the MAL-ED cohort study: theoretical and analytic framework.
Academic Article Zinc supplementation fails to increase the immunogenicity of oral poliovirus vaccine: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Economic evaluation of Community Level Interventions for Pre-eclampsia (CLIP) in South Asian and African countries: a study protocol.
Academic Article State of neonatal health care in eight countries of the SAARC region, South Asia: how can we make a difference?
Academic Article Effective interventions and strategies for improving early child development.
Academic Article Setting research priorities to improve global newborn health and prevent stillbirths by 2025.
Academic Article Stillbirths: progress and unfinished business.
Academic Article PRISMA-Children (C) and PRISMA-Protocol for Children (P-C) Extensions: a study protocol for the development of guidelines for the conduct and reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of newborn and child health research.
Academic Article Twelve years on: a call for papers for another special collection of articles on South Asia.
Academic Article Health care seeking behaviours in pregnancy in rural Sindh, Pakistan: a qualitative study.
Academic Article The feasibility of community level interventions for pre-eclampsia in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa: a mixed-methods design.
Academic Article Community's perceptions of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia in Sindh Pakistan: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Strengthening the Reporting of Observational Studies in Epidemiology for Newborn Infection (STROBE-NI): an extension of the STROBE statement for neonatal infection research.
Academic Article Adolescent Health Interventions: Conclusions, Evidence Gaps, and Research Priorities.
Academic Article Potential for task-sharing to Lady Health Workers for identification and emergency management of pre-eclampsia at community level in Pakistan.
Academic Article Willingness to Know the Cause of Death and Hypothetical Acceptability of the Minimally Invasive Autopsy in Six Diverse African and Asian Settings: A Mixed Methods Socio-Behavioural Study.
Academic Article Knowledge and perceptions of polio and polio immunization in polio high-risk areas of Pakistan.
Academic Article Do systematic reviews on pediatric topics need special methodological considerations?
Academic Article Enhancing implementation research within Canada's investments in the health of women and children globally.
Academic Article Delivering an action agenda for nutrition interventions addressing adolescent girls and young women: priorities for implementation and research.
Academic Article Setting an implementation research agenda for Canadian investments in global maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health: a research prioritization exercise.
Academic Article Response to: "Beyond implementation research for improving maternal, newborn and child health globally".
Academic Article Neurodevelopment, Nutrition, and Inflammation: The Evolving Global Child Health Landscape.
Academic Article Prioritizing research for integrated implementation of early childhood development and maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition platforms.
Academic Article Setting health research priorities using the CHNRI method: VII. A review of the first 50 applications of the CHNRI method.
Academic Article Setting priorities for knowledge translation of Cochrane reviews for health equity: Evidence for Equity.
Academic Article Recommendations on Arresting Global Health Challenges Facing Adolescents and Young Adults.
Academic Article Care of the growth-restricted newborn.
Academic Article Early-onset neonatal sepsis in Pakistan: a case control study of risk factors in a birth cohort.
Academic Article Zinc supplementation in malnourished children with persistent diarrhea in Pakistan.
Academic Article Iron and zinc intake from complementary foods: some issues from Pakistan.
Academic Article Clinical and bacteriologic efficacy of amoxycillin b.d. (45 mg/kg/day) versus amoxycillin t.d.s (40 mg/kg/day) in children with group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal tonsillopharyngitis.
Academic Article Ethics in international health research: a perspective from the developing world.
Academic Article Malnutrition and diarrhea: Working Group Report of the First World Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition.
Academic Article Opportunities and Challenges in Global Perinatal Research.
Academic Article Use of quantitative molecular diagnostic methods to investigate the effect of enteropathogen infections on linear growth in children in low-resource settings: longitudinal analysis of results from the MAL-ED cohort study.
Academic Article Use of quantitative molecular diagnostic methods to assess the aetiology, burden, and clinical characteristics of diarrhoea in children in low-resource settings: a reanalysis of the MAL-ED cohort study.
Academic Article Oral Ondansetron Administration to Nondehydrated Children With Diarrhea and Associated Vomiting in Emergency Departments in Pakistan: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Health and research in Pakistan - Authors' reply.
Academic Article A Randomized Trial of Prophylactic Antibiotics for Miscarriage Surgery.
Academic Article Health care seeking for maternal and newborn illnesses in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review of observational and qualitative studies.
Academic Article Nash-wo-Numa (childhood growth & development) study protocol: factors that impact linear growth in children 9 to 15 years of age in Matiari, Pakistan.
Academic Article Oral Ondansetron Administration to Dehydrated Children in Pakistan: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Setting research priorities on multiple micronutrient supplementation in pregnancy.
Academic Article Understanding multifactorial drivers of child stunting reduction in Exemplar countries: a mixed-methods approach.
Academic Article Estimating global injuries morbidity and mortality: methods and data used in the Global Burden of Disease 2017 study.
Academic Article When to replicate systematic reviews of interventions: consensus checklist.
Academic Article Researching the delivery of health and nutrition interventions for women and children in the context of armed conflict: lessons on research challenges and strategies from BRANCH Consortium case studies of Somalia, Mali, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Academic Article Socio-anthropological methods to study the feasibility and acceptability of the minimally invasive autopsy from the perspective of local communities: lessons learnt from a large multi-centre study.
Academic Article Setting global research priorities for private sector child health service delivery: Results from a CHNRI exercise.

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