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Concept Evolution, Molecular
Academic Article Recent segmental and gene duplications in the mouse genome.
Academic Article Remarkable sequence signatures in archaeal genomes.
Academic Article Discovery of human inversion polymorphisms by comparative analysis of human and chimpanzee DNA sequence assemblies.
Academic Article Murine segmental duplications are hot spots for chromosome and gene evolution.
Academic Article Duplication and relocation of the functional DPY19L2 gene within low copy repeats.
Academic Article Hotspots for copy number variation in chimpanzees and humans.
Academic Article Comparative analysis of the paired immunoglobulin-like receptor (PILR) locus in six mammalian genomes: duplication, conversion, and the birth of new genes.
Academic Article Identification of the imprinted KLF14 transcription factor undergoing human-specific accelerated evolution.
Academic Article Identifying concerted evolution and gene conversion in mammalian gene pairs lasting over 100 million years.
Academic Article The clinical context of copy number variation in the human genome.
Academic Article The population genomic landscape of human genetic structure, admixture history and local adaptation in Peninsular Malaysia.
Academic Article Structure and mapping of the human lanosterol 14alpha-demethylase gene (CYP51) encoding the cytochrome P450 involved in cholesterol biosynthesis; comparison of exon/intron organization with other mammalian and fungal CYP genes.
Academic Article Structural characterization and mapping of the normal epithelial cell-specific 1 gene.
Academic Article Prevalence of small inversions in yeast gene order evolution.
Academic Article Rearrangement bursts generate canonical gene fusions in bone and soft tissue tumors.

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