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Concept Enterotoxins
Academic Article Verotoxin glycolipid receptors determine the localization of microangiopathic process in rabbits given verotoxin-1.
Academic Article Preparation of VT1 and VT2 hybrid toxins from their purified dissociated subunits. Evidence for B subunit modulation of a subunit function.
Academic Article Lipid modulation of glycolipid receptor function. Availability of Gal(alpha 1-4)Gal disaccharide for verotoxin binding in natural and synthetic glycolipids.
Academic Article Glycosphingolipid receptor function is modified by fatty acid content. Verotoxin 1 and verotoxin 2c preferentially recognize different globotriaosyl ceramide fatty acid homologues.
Academic Article Alteration of the glycolipid binding specificity of the pig edema toxin from globotetraosyl to globotriaosyl ceramide alters in vivo tissue targetting and results in a verotoxin 1-like disease in pigs.
Academic Article Role of verotoxin receptors in pathogenesis.
Academic Article Influence of phospholipid chain length on verotoxin/globotriaosyl ceramide binding in model membranes: comparison of a supported bilayer film and liposomes.
Academic Article Escherichia coli verotoxin binding to human paediatric glomerular mesangial cells.
Academic Article pH-independent retrograde targeting of glycolipids to the Golgi complex.
Academic Article Apparent cooperativity in multivalent verotoxin-globotriaosyl ceramide binding: kinetic and saturation binding studies with [(125)I]verotoxin.
Academic Article Analysis of interactions between glycosphingolipids and microbial toxins.

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