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Concept Chinchilla
Academic Article Tone frequency maps and receptive fields in the developing chinchilla auditory cortex.
Academic Article Effects of middle ear application of Cipro HC Otic Suspension in an animal model.
Academic Article Dynamics of real time DPOAE contralateral suppression in chinchillas and humans.
Academic Article Tone responses in core versus belt auditory cortex in the developing chinchilla.
Academic Article Amplitude modulation of DPOAEs by acoustic stimulation of the contralateral ear.
Academic Article Responses of neurons in chinchilla auditory cortex to frequency-modulated tones.
Academic Article Postnatal development of neuronal responses to frequency-modulated tones in chinchilla auditory cortex.
Academic Article Neuronal responses in chinchilla auditory cortex after postnatal exposure to frequency-modulated tones.
Academic Article Postnatal maturation of contralateral DPOAE suppression in a precocious animal model (chinchilla) of the human neonate.
Academic Article Separating the contributions of olivocochlear and middle ear muscle reflexes in modulation of distortion product otoacoustic emission levels.
Academic Article Excitatory and inhibitory tonotopic bands in chinchilla inferior colliculus revealed by c-fos immuno-labeling.
Academic Article Midbrain Frequency Representation following Moderately Intense Neonatal Sound Exposure in a Precocious Animal Model (Chinchilla laniger).
Academic Article Blood capillary distribution correlates with hemodynamic-based functional imaging in cerebral cortex.
Academic Article Changes to Neural Activation Patterns (c-fos Labeling) in Chinchilla Auditory Midbrain following Neonatal Exposure to an Enhanced Sound Environment.

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