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Concept DNA-Binding Proteins
Academic Article Diminished Sonic hedgehog signaling and lack of floor plate differentiation in Gli2 mutant mice.
Academic Article Essential role of Fkbp6 in male fertility and homologous chromosome pairing in meiosis.
Academic Article Differential requirement for Gli2 and Gli3 in ventral neural cell fate specification.
Academic Article Interplays of Gli2 and Gli3 and their requirement in mediating Shh-dependent sclerotome induction.
Academic Article Shh expression is required for embryonic hair follicle but not mammary gland development.
Academic Article Failure of a medulloblastoma-derived mutant of SUFU to suppress WNT signaling.
Academic Article Gli2 and Gli3 have redundant and context-dependent function in skeletal muscle formation.
Academic Article Shh controls epithelial proliferation via independent pathways that converge on N-Myc.
Academic Article Cooperative and antagonistic interactions between Sall4 and Tbx5 pattern the mouse limb and heart.
Academic Article A cascade of irx1a and irx2a controls shh expression during retinogenesis.
Academic Article Ter94 ATPase complex targets k11-linked ubiquitinated ci to proteasomes for partial degradation.
Academic Article Silk gland factor-2, involved in fibroin gene transcription, consists of LIM homeodomain, LIM-interacting, and single-stranded DNA-binding proteins.
Academic Article Drosophila proliferating cell nuclear antigen (cyclin) gene: structure, expression during development, and specific binding of homeodomain proteins to its 5'-flanking region.
Academic Article Fibroin gene promoter contains a cluster of homeodomain binding sites that interact with three silk gland factors.
Academic Article Presence of isl-1-related LIM domain homeobox genes in teleost and their similar patterns of expression in brain and spinal cord.
Academic Article Brca2 is required for embryonic cellular proliferation in the mouse.
Academic Article The Shh signalling pathway in tooth development: defects in Gli2 and Gli3 mutants.
Academic Article Essential function of Gli2 and Gli3 in the formation of lung, trachea and oesophagus.
Academic Article Mouse Gli1 mutants are viable but have defects in SHH signaling in combination with a Gli2 mutation.
Academic Article Anorectal malformations caused by defects in sonic hedgehog signaling.
Academic Article Notch1 functions as a tumor suppressor in mouse skin.

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