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Concept Cross-Over Studies
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Academic Article Assessing the palatability of oral rehydration solutions in school-aged children: a randomized crossover trial.
Academic Article North American practice patterns of intravenous magnesium therapy in severe acute asthma in children.
Academic Article The treatment of pediatric gastroenteritis: a comparative analysis of pediatric emergency physicians' practice patterns.
Academic Article How much practice is enough? Using learning curves to assess the deliberate practice of radiograph interpretation.
Academic Article Parental knowledge of potential cancer risks from exposure to computed tomography.
Academic Article Bone fractures in children: is there an association with obesity?
Academic Article Do obese children experience more severe fractures than nonobese children? A cross-sectional study from a paediatric emergency department.
Academic Article Evidence into practice: pediatric orthopaedic surgeon use of removable splints for common pediatric fractures.
Academic Article The effectiveness of a student volunteer program for research in a pediatric Emergency Department.
Academic Article The diagnosis of concussion in a pediatric emergency department.
Academic Article Parental Knowledge of Trampoline Safety in Children.
Academic Article Success of University Student Volunteers in Obtaining Consent for Reviewing Private Health Information for Emergency Research.
Academic Article Computed Tomography Risk Disclosure in the Emergency Department: A Survey of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program Leaders.
Academic Article Prepubescent Female Genital Examination Images: Evidence-Informed Learning Opportunities.

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