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Academic Article Health impact of hospital restrictions on seriously ill hospitalized patients: lessons from the Toronto SARS outbreak.
Academic Article School-based influenza vaccine delivery, vaccination rates, and healthcare use in the context of a universal influenza immunization program: an ecological study.
Academic Article Major radiodiagnostic imaging in pregnancy and the risk of childhood malignancy: a population-based cohort study in Ontario.
Academic Article Potentially preventable hospital use for dental conditions: implications for expanding dental coverage for low income populations.
Academic Article Association of hospital spending intensity with mortality and readmission rates in Ontario hospitals.
Academic Article Postpartum maternal codeine therapy and the risk of adverse neonatal outcomes: a retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Asthma, type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus, and inflammatory bowel disease amongst South Asian immigrants to Canada and their children: a population-based cohort study.
Academic Article Seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness in pre- and full-term children aged 6-23 months over multiple seasons.
Academic Article Validation of international algorithms to identify adults with inflammatory bowel disease in health administrative data from Ontario, Canada.
Academic Article Changing age demographics of inflammatory bowel disease in Ontario, Canada: a population-based cohort study of epidemiology trends.
Academic Article The association of asthma education centre characteristics on hospitalizations and emergency department visits in Ontario: a population-based study.
Academic Article Inflammatory bowel disease in immigrants to Canada and their children: a population-based cohort study.
Academic Article The REporting of Studies Conducted Using Observational Routinely-Collected Health Data (RECORD) Statement: Methods for Arriving at Consensus and Developing Reporting Guidelines.
Academic Article The association of hospital prevention processes and patient risk factors with the risk of Clostridium difficile infection: a population-based cohort study.
Academic Article Better performance on length-of-stay benchmarks associated with reduced risk following emergency department discharge: an observational cohort study.
Academic Article Are reductions in emergency department length of stay associated with improvements in quality of care? A difference-in-differences analysis.
Academic Article Psychosocial Response to Uncertain Newborn Screening Results for Cystic Fibrosis.
Academic Article Rural and Urban Residence During Early Life is Associated with Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Population-Based Inception and Birth Cohort Study
Academic Article Health Services Utilization, Specialist Care, and Time to Diagnosis with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Immigrants to Ontario, Canada: A Population-Based Cohort Study.
Academic Article Generational Patterns of Asthma Incidence among Immigrants to Canada over Two Decades. A Population-based Cohort Study.
Academic Article Periodic health visits by primary care practice model, a population-based study using health administrative data.
Academic Article Suicide and Self-Harm in Recent Immigrants in Ontario, Canada: A Population-Based Study.
Academic Article Chronic physical conditions and risk for perinatal mental illness: A population-based retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Prepregnancy Diabetes and Perinatal Mental Illness: A Population-Based Latent Class Analysis.
Academic Article Maternal schizophrenia and adverse birth outcomes: what mediates the risk?
Academic Article Deprivation and mortality related to pediatric respiratory tract infection: a cohort study in 3 high-income jurisdictions.
Academic Article Mental Health and Addictions System Performance in Ontario: An Updated Scorecard, 2009-2017.
Academic Article Incidence of Access to Ambulatory Mental Health Care Prior to a Psychiatric Emergency Department Visit Among Adults in Ontario, 2010-2018.
Academic Article The Role of a Resilient Information Infrastructure in COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Ontario.

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