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Concept Blood Cell Count
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Concept Blood Pressure Monitoring, Ambulatory
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Academic Article Rosiglitazone improves intestinal lipoprotein overproduction in the fat-fed Syrian Golden hamster, an animal model of nutritionally-induced insulin resistance.
Academic Article Intestinal lipoprotein production is stimulated by an acute elevation of plasma free fatty acids in the fasting state: studies in insulin-resistant and insulin-sensitized Syrian golden hamsters.
Academic Article Challenges of implementing point-of-care testing (POCT) glucose meters in a pediatric acute care setting.
Academic Article Measurement of intracellular vitamin C levels in human lymphocytes by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).
Academic Article Green tea leaf extract improves lipid and glucose homeostasis in a fructose-fed insulin-resistant hamster model.
Academic Article Heparin interference in whole blood sodium measurements in a pediatric setting.
Academic Article Relationship between C-reactive protein and atherosclerotic risk factors and oxidative stress markers among young persons 10-18 years old.
Academic Article Factor analysis of cardiovascular risk clustering in pediatric metabolic syndrome: CASPIAN study.
Academic Article Are patients after Kawasaki disease at increased risk for accelerated atherosclerosis?
Academic Article Cord blood lipid profile and associated factors: baseline data of a birth cohort study.
Academic Article Metabolic effects of dietary cholesterol in an animal model of insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis.
Academic Article Analytical evaluation of the VITROS 5600 Integrated System in a pediatric setting and determination of pediatric reference intervals.
Academic Article Closing the anion gap: contribution of D-lactate to diabetic ketoacidosis.
Academic Article Delayed ghrelin suppression following oral glucose tolerance test in children and adolescents with hypothalamic injury secondary to craniopharyngioma compared with obese controls.
Academic Article Increased plasma methylglyoxal level, inflammation, and vascular endothelial dysfunction in diabetic nephropathy.
Academic Article Early determinants of atherosclerosis in paediatric systemic lupus erythematosus.
Academic Article Ezetimibe ameliorates intestinal chylomicron overproduction and improves glucose tolerance in a diet-induced hamster model of insulin resistance.
Academic Article Long-term stability of biochemical markers in pediatric serum specimens stored at -80 °C: a CALIPER Substudy.
Academic Article Selective hepatic insulin resistance, VLDL overproduction, and hypertriglyceridemia.
Academic Article Influence of fasting and sample collection time on 38 biochemical markers in healthy children: a CALIPER substudy.
Academic Article The protective effect and underlying mechanism of metformin on neointima formation in fructose-induced insulin resistant rats.
Academic Article Marked biological variance in endocrine and biochemical markers in childhood: establishment of pediatric reference intervals using healthy community children from the CALIPER cohort.
Academic Article Validity of establishing pediatric reference intervals based on hospital patient data: a comparison of the modified Hoffmann approach to CALIPER reference intervals obtained in healthy children.
Academic Article Maternal-fetal-infant dynamics of the C3-epimer of 25-hydroxyvitamin D.
Academic Article In reply.
Academic Article Rapid purification of human DNA from whole blood for potential application in clinical chemistry laboratories.
Academic Article Complex reference values for endocrine and special chemistry biomarkers across pediatric, adult, and geriatric ages: establishment of robust pediatric and adult reference intervals on the basis of the Canadian Health Measures Survey.
Academic Article Complex biological profile of hematologic markers across pediatric, adult, and geriatric ages: establishment of robust pediatric and adult reference intervals on the basis of the Canadian Health Measures Survey.
Academic Article Complex reference value distributions and partitioned reference intervals across the pediatric age range for 14 specialized biochemical markers in the CALIPER cohort of healthy community children and adolescents.
Academic Article Pediatric reference value distributions and covariate-stratified reference intervals for 29 endocrine and special chemistry biomarkers on the Beckman Coulter Immunoassay Systems: a CALIPER study of healthy community children.
Academic Article Pediatric-specific reference intervals in a nationally representative sample of Iranian children and adolescents: the CASPIAN-III study.
Academic Article Clinical impact of improved point-of-care glucose monitoring in neonatal intensive care using Nova StatStrip: Evidence for improved accuracy, better sensitivity, and reduced test utilization.
Academic Article GLP-1 Elicits an Intrinsic Gut-Liver Metabolic Signal to Ameliorate Diet-Induced VLDL Overproduction and Insulin Resistance.
Academic Article National Survey of Adult and Pediatric Reference Intervals in Clinical Laboratories across Canada: A Report of the CSCC Working Group on Reference Interval Harmonization.
Academic Article Role of resveratrol in the management of insulin resistance and related conditions: Mechanism of action.
Academic Article CLSI-based transference and verification of CALIPER pediatric reference intervals for 29 Ortho VITROS 5600 chemistry assays.
Academic Article Clinical laboratory investigation of the Sanofi ACCESS CK-MB procedure and comparison to electrophoresis and Abbott IMx.
Academic Article Atorvastatin treatment beneficially alters the lipoprotein profile and increases low-density lipoprotein particle diameter in patients with combined dyslipidemia and impaired fasting glucose/type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Treatment with atorvastatin ameliorates hepatic very-low-density lipoprotein overproduction in an animal model of insulin resistance, the fructose-fed Syrian golden hamster: evidence that reduced hypertriglyceridemia is accompanied by improved hepatic insulin sensitivity.
Academic Article Nontoxic silver nanocluster-induced folding, fibrillation, and aggregation of blood plasma proteins.
Academic Article Principal component and correlation analysis of biochemical and endocrine markers in a healthy pediatric population (CALIPER).
Academic Article High-Sensitivity Generation 5 Cardiac Troponin T Sex- and Age-Specific 99th Percentiles in the CALIPER Cohort of Healthy Children and Adolescents.
Academic Article Association of accelerated body mass index gain with repeated measures of blood pressure in early childhood.
Academic Article Paediatric reference intervals for 17 Roche cobas 8000 e602 immunoassays in the CALIPER cohort of healthy children and adolescents.
Academic Article Comprehensive hematological reference intervals in a healthy adult male population.
Academic Article Comprehensive laboratory reference intervals for routine biochemical markers and pro-oxidant-antioxidant balance (PAB) in male adults.
Academic Article Establishing hematological reference intervals in healthy adults: Ravansar non-communicable disease cohort study, Iran.
Academic Article Pediatric Reference Intervals for Critical Point-of-Care Whole Blood Assays in the CALIPER Cohort of Healthy Children and Adolescents.

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