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Concept Cerebral Angiography
Academic Article Sinovenous thrombosis in children.
Academic Article Intra-arterial tissue plasminogen activator for thrombosis complicating cerebral angiography in a 17-year-old girl.
Academic Article Post-varicella arteriopathy of childhood: natural history of vascular stenosis.
Academic Article Angiography-negative primary central nervous system vasculitis in children: a newly recognized inflammatory central nervous system disease.
Academic Article Infantile spasms as an adverse outcome of neonatal cortical sinovenous thrombosis.
Academic Article Hemorrhage predisposing to cerebral infarction in children with moyamoya disease.
Academic Article Angiography of primary central nervous system angiitis of childhood: conventional angiography versus magnetic resonance angiography at presentation.
Academic Article Recurrent reversible coma in an adolescent.
Academic Article Low detection rate of craniocervical arterial dissection in children using time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography: causes and strategies to improve diagnosis.
Academic Article Anticoagulants in pediatric cerebral sinovenous thrombosis: a safety and outcome study.
Academic Article Measurement of cerebrovascular reactivity in pediatric patients with cerebral vasculopathy using blood oxygen level-dependent MRI.
Academic Article Intracranial dissection mimicking transient cerebral arteriopathy in childhood arterial ischemic stroke.
Academic Article Patterns of cerebral ischemia in children with moyamoya.
Academic Article Cerebrovascular Reactivity and Intellectual Outcome in Childhood Stroke With Transient Cerebral Arteriopathy.
Academic Article Arterial Wall Imaging in Pediatric Stroke.
Academic Article Isolated angiitis of the CNS in children.
Academic Article Child Neurology: Mimics of cerebral sinovenous thrombosis: A pediatric case series.
Academic Article Focal Cerebral Arteriopathy of Childhood: Novel Severity Score and Natural History.

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