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Concept Bacterial Toxins
Academic Article Structure of heptameric protective antigen bound to an anthrax toxin receptor: a role for receptor in pH-dependent pore formation.
Academic Article A phenylalanine clamp catalyzes protein translocation through the anthrax toxin pore.
Academic Article A model of anthrax toxin lethal factor bound to protective antigen.
Academic Article Structural determinants for the binding of anthrax lethal factor to oligomeric protective antigen.
Academic Article Self-association of the transmembrane domain of an anthrax toxin receptor.
Academic Article A loop network within the anthrax toxin pore positions the phenylalanine clamp in an active conformation.
Academic Article Cross-linked forms of the isolated N-terminal domain of the lethal factor are potent inhibitors of anthrax toxin.
Academic Article Effect of 2-fluorohistidine labeling of the anthrax protective antigen on stability, pore formation, and translocation.
Academic Article Translocation domain mutations affecting cellular toxicity identify the Clostridium difficile toxin B pore.
Academic Article Small molecule inhibitors of Clostridium difficile toxin B-induced cellular damage.
Academic Article Defective mutations within the translocation domain of Clostridium difficile toxin B impair disease pathogenesis.
Academic Article Clostridium difficile toxins A and B: Receptors, pores, and translocation into cells.
Academic Article Repurposing bacterial toxins for intracellular delivery of therapeutic proteins.
Academic Article Functional defects in Clostridium difficile TcdB toxin uptake identify CSPG4 receptor-binding determinants.
Academic Article A neutralizing antibody that blocks delivery of the enzymatic cargo of Clostridium difficile toxin TcdB into host cells.
Academic Article Crystal structure of Clostridium difficile toxin A.
Academic Article Direct Detection of Membrane-Inserting Fragments Defines the Translocation Pores of a Family of Pathogenic Toxins.
Academic Article Identification of a diphtheria toxin-like gene family beyond the Corynebacterium genus.
Academic Article Host-targeted niclosamide inhibits C. difficile virulence and prevents disease in mice without disrupting the gut microbiota.
Academic Article Dismantling a Toxin to Disarm a Superbug.
Academic Article The C. difficile toxin B membrane translocation machinery is an evolutionarily conserved protein delivery apparatus.
Academic Article Intestinal bile acids directly modulate the structure and function of C. difficile TcdB toxin.
Academic Article Recognition of Semaphorin Proteins by P. sordellii Lethal Toxin Reveals Principles of Receptor Specificity in Clostridial Toxins.
Academic Article The glucosyltransferase activity of C. difficile Toxin B is required for disease pathogenesis.
Academic Article Large Clostridial Toxins: Mechanisms and Roles in Disease.

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