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Concept Hearing Loss, Unilateral
Concept Hearing Tests
Concept Hearing Loss, Bilateral
Concept Hearing Loss
Concept Hearing
Concept Hearing Loss, Conductive
Concept Hearing Disorders
Concept Hearing Loss, Sensorineural
Concept Hearing Loss, Central
Concept Hearing Aids
Academic Article Computed tomography and/or magnetic resonance imaging before pediatric cochlear implantation? Developing an investigative strategy.
Academic Article A test of static and dynamic balance function in children with cochlear implants: the vestibular olympics.
Academic Article Successful cochlear implantation in a child with Keratosis, Icthiosis and Deafness (KID) Syndrome and Dandy-Walker malformation.
Academic Article Evidence of vestibular and balance dysfunction in children with profound sensorineural hearing loss using cochlear implants.
Academic Article Vestibular end-organ and balance deficits after meningitis and cochlear implantation in children correlate poorly with functional outcome.
Academic Article Parental and program's decision making in paediatric simultaneous bilateral cochlear implantation: who says no and why?
Academic Article Bilateral simultaneous cochlear implantation in children: our first 50 cases.
Academic Article Evolution of cochlear implant arrays result in changes in behavioral and physiological responses in children.
Academic Article Soft tissue complications after pediatric cochlear implantation in children younger than 12 months.
Academic Article Tympanic membrane retraction: An endoscopic evaluation of staging systems.
Academic Article Congenital cholesteatoma and cochlear implantation: Implications for management.
Academic Article Middle ear ventilation in children with primary ciliary dyskinesia.
Academic Article Ten top considerations in pediatric tympanoplasty.
Academic Article Postnatal maturation of contralateral DPOAE suppression in a precocious animal model (chinchilla) of the human neonate.
Academic Article Vestibular end-organ dysfunction in children with sensorineural hearing loss and cochlear implants: an expanded cohort and etiologic assessment.
Academic Article The management of acute mastoiditis in children with cochlear implants: saving the device.
Academic Article Separating the contributions of olivocochlear and middle ear muscle reflexes in modulation of distortion product otoacoustic emission levels.
Academic Article Pediatric ossiculoplasty with titanium total ossicular replacement prosthesis.
Academic Article Auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (ANSD) and cochlear implantation.
Academic Article Unilateral Hearing Loss Is Associated With Impaired Balance in Children: A Pilot Study.
Academic Article Cochlear Nerve Aplasia with Detectable Olivocochlear Efferent Function: A Distinct Presentation of Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder.
Academic Article The assessment of olivocochlear function in neonates with real-time distortion product otoacoustic emissions.
Academic Article Bilateral congenital cholesteatoma: Surgical treatment and considerations.
Academic Article Natural History of Tympanic Membrane Retraction in Children with Cleft Palate.
Academic Article Extrusion of straight cochlear implant electrodes May be diminished by proximal fixation.
Academic Article Can Differences in Early Hearing Development Be Distinguished by the LittlEARs Auditory Questionnaire?

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