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Concept Hearing Loss, Unilateral
Concept Hearing Tests
Concept Hearing Loss, Bilateral
Concept Hearing Loss
Concept Hearing Loss, Sudden
Concept Hearing
Concept Hearing Loss, Conductive
Concept Hearing Disorders
Concept Hearing Loss, Sensorineural
Concept Hearing Loss, Functional
Concept Hearing Loss, Central
Concept Hearing Aids
Concept Persons With Hearing Impairments
Concept Correction of Hearing Impairment
Academic Article Activity-dependent developmental plasticity of the auditory brain stem in children who use cochlear implants.
Academic Article Cochlear implant positioning in children: a survey of patient satisfaction.
Academic Article Cochlear implantation in children with anomalous cochleovestibular anatomy.
Academic Article Toward a battery of behavioral and objective measures to achieve optimal cochlear implant stimulation levels in children.
Academic Article Conversion disorder in a child presenting as sudden sensorineural hearing loss.
Academic Article Ethnicity and mutations in GJB2 (connexin 26) and GJB6 (connexin 30) in a multi-cultural Canadian paediatric Cochlear Implant Program.
Academic Article Atypical cortical responses underlie poor speech perception in children using cochlear implants.
Academic Article Petrified ears in a patient with Keutel syndrome: temporal bone CT findings.
Academic Article Auditory responses in cochlear implant users with and without GJB2 deafness.
Academic Article Incidence and characteristics of facial nerve stimulation in children with cochlear implants.
Academic Article Multidimensional voice program analysis in profoundly deaf children: quantifying frequency and amplitude control.
Academic Article Temporal bone imaging in GJB2 deafness.
Academic Article Bone-anchored hearing aids in infants and children younger than 5 years.
Academic Article Computed tomography and/or magnetic resonance imaging before pediatric cochlear implantation? Developing an investigative strategy.
Academic Article Cochlear implants for children with severe-to-profound hearing loss.
Academic Article Bilateral cochlear implants should be the standard for children with bilateral sensorineural deafness.
Academic Article A test of static and dynamic balance function in children with cochlear implants: the vestibular olympics.
Academic Article Successful cochlear implantation in a child with Keratosis, Icthiosis and Deafness (KID) Syndrome and Dandy-Walker malformation.
Academic Article Evidence of vestibular and balance dysfunction in children with profound sensorineural hearing loss using cochlear implants.
Academic Article Recognition of affective speech prosody and facial affect in deaf children with unilateral right cochlear implants.
Academic Article Speech perception outcome in multiply disabled children following cochlear implantation: investigating a predictive score.
Academic Article Vestibular end-organ and balance deficits after meningitis and cochlear implantation in children correlate poorly with functional outcome.
Academic Article Parental and program's decision making in paediatric simultaneous bilateral cochlear implantation: who says no and why?
Academic Article Bilateral simultaneous cochlear implantation in children: our first 50 cases.
Academic Article Evolution of cochlear implant arrays result in changes in behavioral and physiological responses in children.
Academic Article Acoustic analysis of voice in cochlear implant recipients with post-meningitic hearing loss.
Academic Article Auditory development in the absence of hearing in infancy.
Academic Article Lateralization of interimplant timing and level differences in children who use bilateral cochlear implants.
Academic Article Cortical function in children receiving bilateral cochlear implants simultaneously or after a period of interimplant delay.
Academic Article Soft tissue complications after pediatric cochlear implantation in children younger than 12 months.
Academic Article Speech detection in noise and spatial unmasking in children with simultaneous versus sequential bilateral cochlear implants.
Academic Article Identifying emotions in music through electrical hearing in deaf children using cochlear implants.
Academic Article Exploring the relationship between head anatomy and cochlear implant stability in children.
Academic Article What is the optimal timing for bilateral cochlear implantation in children?
Academic Article Non-accidental caustic ear injury: two cases of profound cochleo-vestibular loss and facial nerve injury.
Academic Article Toward a method for programming balanced bilateral cochlear implant stimulation levels in children.
Academic Article Tympanic membrane retraction: An endoscopic evaluation of staging systems.
Academic Article Seizure activity following cochlear implantation: is it the implant?
Academic Article Congenital cholesteatoma and cochlear implantation: Implications for management.
Academic Article European Bilateral Pediatric Cochlear Implant Forum consensus statement.
Academic Article Ten top considerations in pediatric tympanoplasty.
Academic Article Children using cochlear implants capitalize on acoustical hearing for music perception.
Academic Article Providing auditory cues to improve stability in children who are deaf.
Academic Article Vestibular end-organ dysfunction in children with sensorineural hearing loss and cochlear implants: an expanded cohort and etiologic assessment.
Academic Article The management of acute mastoiditis in children with cochlear implants: saving the device.
Academic Article Editorial.
Academic Article Screening infants for hearing impairment in Canada.
Academic Article Pediatric ossiculoplasty with titanium total ossicular replacement prosthesis.
Academic Article Perception of binaural cues develops in children who are deaf through bilateral cochlear implantation.
Academic Article Binaural fusion and listening effort in children who use bilateral cochlear implants: a psychoacoustic and pupillometric study.
Academic Article Screening for deafness.
Academic Article Vestibular and Balance Impairment Contributes to Cochlear Implant Failure in Children.
Academic Article Identification and evaluation of cochlear implant candidates with asymmetrical hearing loss.
Academic Article The effects of asymmetric hearing on bilateral brainstem function: findings in children with bimodal (electric and acoustic) hearing.
Academic Article Experience Changes How Emotion in Music Is Judged: Evidence from Children Listening with Bilateral Cochlear Implants, Bimodal Devices, and Normal Hearing.
Academic Article Taking the History and Performing the Physical Examination in a Child with Hearing Loss.
Academic Article Auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (ANSD) and cochlear implantation.
Academic Article Using Balance Function to Screen for Vestibular Impairment in Children With Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implants.
Academic Article A program evaluation of Kids2Hear, a student-run hearing screening program for school children.
Academic Article Stimulation parameters differ between current anti-modiolar and peri-modiolar electrode arrays implanted within the same child.
Academic Article The combination of vestibular impairment and congenital sensorineural hearing loss predisposes patients to ocular anomalies, including Usher syndrome.
Academic Article Unilateral Hearing Loss Is Associated With Impaired Balance in Children: A Pilot Study.
Academic Article Hearing Benefit and Rated Satisfaction in Children with Unilateral Conductive Hearing Loss Using a Transcutaneous Magnetic-Coupled Bone-Conduction Hearing Aid.
Academic Article Factors Affecting Daily Cochlear Implant Use in Children: Datalogging Evidence.
Academic Article Cortical Representation of Interaural Time Difference Is Impaired by Deafness in Development: Evidence from Children with Early Long-term Access to Sound through Bilateral Cochlear Implants Provided Simultaneously.
Academic Article Simultaneous bilateral cochlear implants: Developmental advances do not yet achieve normal cortical processing.
Academic Article Children With Single-Sided Deafness Use Their Cochlear Implant.
Academic Article Association of Gel-Forming Mucins and Aquaporin Gene Expression With Hearing Loss, Effusion Viscosity, and Inflammation in Otitis Media With Effusion.
Academic Article Music perception improves in children with bilateral cochlear implants or bimodal devices.
Academic Article Binaural integration: a challenge to overcome for children with hearing loss.
Academic Article Cortical Processing of Level Cues for Spatial Hearing is Impaired in Children with Prelingual Deafness Despite Early Bilateral Access to Sound.
Academic Article Delayed access to bilateral input alters cortical organization in children with asymmetric hearing.
Academic Article Cortical plasticity with bimodal hearing in children with asymmetric hearing loss.
Academic Article Temporal summation in hearing-impaired listeners.
Academic Article Frequency selectivity in patients with acoustic neuroma.
Academic Article Surgical experience with bone-anchored hearing aids in children.
Academic Article Otologic and laryngologic manifestations of mucopolysaccharidoses after bone marrow transplantation.
Academic Article Surgical outcomes of paediatric cochlear implantation: the Hospital for Sick Children's experience.
Academic Article Branchio-oculo-facial syndrome.
Academic Article The effect of aging on horizontal plane sound localization.
Academic Article Clinical course of pediatric congenital inner ear malformations.
Academic Article Surgical outcome after paediatric cochlear implantation: diminution of complications with the evolution of new surgical techniques.
Academic Article Factors contributing to limited open-set speech perception in children who use a cochlear implant.
Academic Article Utilization of bone-anchored hearing aids in children.
Academic Article Effect of residual hearing prior to cochlear implantation on speech perception in children.
Academic Article Congenital conductive hearing loss.
Academic Article Influence of age at implantation and of residual hearing on speech outcome measures after cochlear implantation: binary partitioning analysis.
Academic Article A comparison of the audiometric performance of bone anchored hearing aids and air conduction hearing aids.
Academic Article Emberger syndrome: A rare association with hearing loss.
Academic Article Vestibular and balance function is often impaired in children with profound unilateral sensorineural hearing loss.
Academic Article Natural History of Tympanic Membrane Retraction in Children with Cleft Palate.
Academic Article Limiting asymmetric hearing improves benefits of bilateral hearing in children using cochlear implants.
Academic Article Transmastoid access in branchio-oto-renal syndrome: A reappraisal of computed tomography imaging.
Academic Article Cranial orthosis after cochlear implantation in an infant: Helmet modifications.
Academic Article Impact of Consistency in Daily Device Use on Speech Perception Abilities in Children with Cochlear Implants: Datalogging Evidence.
Academic Article Special edition on unilateral deafness and hearing loss: An introduction and overview.
Academic Article Extrusion of straight cochlear implant electrodes May be diminished by proximal fixation.
Academic Article Management of Traumatic Injury and Osseointegration Failure in Children With Percutaneous Bone Conduction Implants.
Academic Article Etiology and therapy indication for cochlear implantation in children with single-sided deafness : Retrospective analysis.
Academic Article Long-term Implant Usage and Quality-of-Life in Sequential Bilateral Pediatric Cochlear Implantation.
Academic Article Binaural hearing is impaired in children with hearing loss who use bilateral hearing aids.
Academic Article Hearing and speech benefits of cochlear implantation in children: A review of the literature.

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