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Concept Facial Paralysis
Academic Article A new classification system for facial paralysis in the clinical setting.
Academic Article The effects of gracilis muscle transplantation on speech in children with Moebius syndrome.
Academic Article Anesthetic management of children with Moebius sequence.
Academic Article A comparison of commissure excursion following gracilis muscle transplantation for facial paralysis using a cross-face nerve graft versus the motor nerve to the masseter nerve.
Academic Article Smile reconstruction in adults with free muscle transfer innervated by the masseter motor nerve: effectiveness and cerebral adaptation.
Academic Article Facial paralysis measurement with a handheld ruler.
Academic Article The motor nerve to the masseter muscle: an anatomic and histomorphometric study to facilitate its use in facial reanimation.
Academic Article Alternative use of the electrical burn appliance.
Academic Article Facial palsy and reconstruction.
Academic Article Utility outcome scores for unilateral facial paralysis.
Academic Article Commissure stabilization appliance in facial reanimation surgery.
Academic Article The degree of facial movement following microvascular muscle transfer in pediatric facial reanimation depends on donor motor nerve axonal density.
Academic Article The role of botulinum toxin a in the establishment of symmetry in pediatric paralysis of the lower lip.
Academic Article Facial paralysis and the role of free muscle transplantation.
Academic Article Perspectives in the reconstruction of paediatric facial paralysis.
Academic Article Gracilis Free Muscle Transfer in the Treatment of Pediatric Facial Paralysis.
Academic Article Facial paralysis in children.
Academic Article Motor nerve to the masseter: A pediatric anatomic study and the "3:1 rule".
Academic Article A smile for the Möbius' syndrome patient.
Academic Article Muscle transplantation by fascicular territory.
Academic Article Large vascular malformation of the face undergoing resection with facial nerve preservation in infancy.
Academic Article Cranial nerve defects in congenital facial palsy.
Academic Article Salvage of facial reanimation with vascularized adductor magnus muscle flap: clinical experience and anatomical studies.
Academic Article Incomplete Facial Paralysis: The Use of the Ipsilateral Residual Facial Nerve as a Donor Nerve for Facial Reanimation.
Academic Article Management of Bilateral Facial Palsy.
Academic Article Sensory and functional morbidity following sural nerve harvest in paediatric patients.
Academic Article Segmental Gracilis Muscle Transplantation for Midfacial Animation in Möbius Syndrome: A 29-Year Experience.
Academic Article Effectiveness and safety of the use of gracilis muscle for dynamic smile restoration in facial paralysis: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Evaluation of a Pediatric Facial Paralysis Education and Family Support Day.
Academic Article Assessment of eye closure and blink with facial palsy: A systematic literature review.
Academic Article Strategies to Improve Cross-Face Nerve Grafting in Facial Paralysis.
Academic Article Facial Paralysis Online Educational Resources: Readability and Benefit to Patient Education.

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