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Concept Vision, Binocular
Concept Vision Tests
Concept Vision Disorders
Concept Vision, Monocular
Academic Article Head position-dependent changes in ocular torsion and vertical misalignment in skew deviation.
Academic Article Effects of age, viewing distance and target complexity on static ocular counterroll.
Academic Article Effects of earth-fixed vs head-fixed targets on static ocular counterroll.
Academic Article Effects of anisometropic amblyopia on visuomotor behavior, I: saccadic eye movements.
Academic Article Effects of anisometropic amblyopia on visuomotor behavior, part 2: visually guided reaching.
Academic Article The effect of sensory uncertainty due to amblyopia (lazy eye) on the planning and execution of visually-guided 3D reaching movements.
Academic Article Effects of induced monocular blur versus anisometropic amblyopia on saccades, reaching, and eye-hand coordination.
Academic Article Short-term saccadic adaptation in patients with anisometropic amblyopia.
Academic Article Measuring contrast sensitivity using the M&S Smart System II versus the Pelli-Robson chart.
Academic Article Audiovisual perception in adults with amblyopia: a study using the McGurk effect.
Academic Article Saccadic adaptation in visually normal individuals using saccadic endpoint variability from amblyopia.
Academic Article Developmental Trajectory of McGurk Effect Susceptibility in Children and Adults With Amblyopia.
Academic Article Behavioral Training as New Treatment for Adult Amblyopia: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review.
Academic Article The Initiation of Smooth Pursuit is Delayed in Anisometropic Amblyopia.
Academic Article The absence of attenuating effect of red light exposure on pre-existing melanopsin-driven post-illumination pupil response.
Academic Article Visual search deficits in amblyopia.
Academic Article Ocular Topical Anesthesia Does Not Attenuate Light-Induced Discomfort Using Blue and Red Light Stimuli.
Academic Article Postural stability and visual impairment: Assessing balance in children with strabismus and amblyopia.
Academic Article Timing of surgery for infantile esotropia: sensory and motor outcomes.
Academic Article Saccade dynamics in peripheral vs central sixth nerve palsies.
Academic Article Effectiveness of telescopic magnification in the treatment of amblyopia: a pilot study.
Academic Article Tubular aggregate myopathy associated with retinal degeneration.
Academic Article Research productivity of Canadian ophthalmology departments in top 10 ophthalmology and vision science journals from 2001 to 2010.
Academic Article Deficits in perception of images of real-world scenes in patients with a history of amblyopia.

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