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Academic Article Expressed sequence tag survey of gene expression in the scab mite Psoroptes ovis--allergens, proteases and free-radical scavengers.
Academic Article A transcriptomic analysis of the phylum Nematoda.
Academic Article Interaction network containing conserved and essential protein complexes in Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Comparative genomics of elastin: Sequence analysis of a highly repetitive protein.
Academic Article The global landscape of sequence diversity.
Academic Article Phylogenomic analysis of EST datasets.
Academic Article Expressed sequence tags: an overview.
Academic Article The origins of apicomplexan sequence innovation.
Academic Article Characterization of the Arabidopsis thaliana exocyst complex gene families by phylogenetic, expression profiling, and subcellular localization studies.
Academic Article Biological and genetic characterization of a low-pathogenicity avian influenza H6N2 virus originating from a healthy Eurasian coot.
Academic Article The evolutionary landscape of the chromatin modification machinery reveals lineage specific gains, expansions, and losses.
Academic Article Post-genomics resources and tools for studying apicomplexan metabolism.
Academic Article PhyloPro: a web-based tool for the generation and visualization of phylogenetic profiles across Eukarya.
Academic Article Mutations in NBEAL2, encoding a BEACH protein, cause gray platelet syndrome.
Academic Article Evolution and architecture of the inner membrane complex in asexual and sexual stages of the malaria parasite.
Academic Article Generation and analysis of a mouse intestinal metatranscriptome through Illumina based RNA-sequencing.
Academic Article The VPS33B-binding protein VPS16B is required in megakaryocyte and platelet a-granule biogenesis.
Academic Article Sequencing and annotation of the Ophiostoma ulmi genome.
Academic Article Genomic analysis of the causative agents of coccidiosis in domestic chickens.
Academic Article The role of palmitoylation for protein recruitment to the inner membrane complex of the malaria parasite.
Academic Article Systems-based analysis of the Sarcocystis neurona genome identifies pathways that contribute to a heteroxenous life cycle.
Academic Article Codon usage patterns in Nematoda: analysis based on over 25 million codons in thirty-two species.
Academic Article Local admixture of amplified and diversified secreted pathogenesis determinants shapes mosaic Toxoplasma gondii genomes.
Academic Article Metatranscriptomic analysis of diverse microbial communities reveals core metabolic pathways and microbiome-specific functionality.
Academic Article PhyloPro2.0: a database for the dynamic exploration of phylogenetically conserved proteins and their domain architectures across the Eukarya.
Academic Article SimiTri--visualizing similarity relationships for groups of sequences.
Academic Article Accumulation of genetic variants associated with immunity in the selective breeding of broilers.
Academic Article Discovery and characterization of a Gram-positive Pel polysaccharide biosynthetic gene cluster.
Academic Article A systematic pipeline for classifying bacterial operons reveals the evolutionary landscape of biofilm machineries.

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