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Concept Vitamin D Deficiency
Academic Article Are national vitamin D guidelines sufficient to maintain adequate blood levels in children?
Academic Article Bones and beyond: an update on the role of vitamin D in child and adolescent health in Canada.
Academic Article Vitamin D status of infants in northeastern rural Bangladesh: preliminary observations and a review of potential determinants.
Academic Article Pharmacokinetics of a single oral dose of vitamin D3 (70,000 IU) in pregnant and non-pregnant women.
Academic Article Maternal vitamin D3 supplementation during the third trimester of pregnancy: effects on infant growth in a longitudinal follow-up study in Bangladesh.
Academic Article Maternal-fetal-infant dynamics of the C3-epimer of 25-hydroxyvitamin D.
Academic Article Vitamin D and fetal-neonatal calcium homeostasis: findings from a randomized controlled trial of high-dose antenatal vitamin D supplementation.
Academic Article Prenatal vitamin D3 supplementation suppresses LL-37 peptide expression in ex vivo activated neonatal macrophages but not their killing capacity.
Academic Article Prenatal vitamin D supplementation and infant vitamin D status in Bangladesh.
Academic Article Maternal postpartum high-dose vitamin D3 supplementation (6400 IU/day) or conventional infant vitamin D3 supplementation (400 IU/day) lead to similar vitamin D status of healthy exclusively/fully breastfeeding infants by 7 months of age.
Academic Article Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy: state of the evidence from a systematic review of randomised trials.
Academic Article Vitamin D Supplementation in Pregnancy and Lactation and Infant Growth.
Academic Article Global prevalence and disease burden of vitamin D deficiency: a roadmap for action in low- and middle-income countries.
Academic Article Vitamin D Supplementation in Pregnancy and Lactation and Infant Growth.
Academic Article Vitamin D in Breastfed Infants: Systematic Review of Alternatives to Daily Supplementation.
Academic Article Vitamin D deficiency enhances expression of autophagy-regulating miR-142-3p in mouse and "involved" IBD patient intestinal tissues.

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