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Academic Article Pneumococcal vaccination for the elderly in The Netherlands? Assessment of the quality and content of available comparative studies.
Academic Article Long-term follow-up of renal transplantation in children: a Dutch cohort study.
Academic Article Fluid resuscitation in neonatal and pediatric hypovolemic shock: a Dutch Pediatric Society evidence-based clinical practice guideline.
Academic Article Defining chronic diseases and health conditions in childhood (0-18 years of age): national consensus in the Netherlands.
Academic Article [Multidisciplinary care of patient's safety at the child intensive care].
Academic Article The Dutch Medicines for Children Research Network: a new resource for clinical trials.
Academic Article [Start of reliable pediatric clinical research].
Academic Article Implementation of an evidence-based guideline on fluid resuscitation: lessons learnt for future guidelines.
Academic Article [Practice guideline 'Perinatal management of extremely preterm delivery'].
Academic Article [New Dutch practice guideline for administration of vitamin K to full-term newborns].
Academic Article Lessons learned from efforts to improve the quality of care in children with end-stage renal disease in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Academic Article Important differences in management policies for children with end-stage renal disease in the Netherlands and Belgium--report from the RICH-Q study.
Academic Article Systemic Hydrocortisone To Prevent Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in preterm infants (the SToP-BPD study); a multicenter randomized placebo controlled trial.
Academic Article Incidence of febrile seizures in The Netherlands.
Academic Article Seizure recurrence after a first febrile seizure: a multivariate approach.
Academic Article Children of non-Western origin with end-stage renal disease in the Netherlands, Belgium and a part of Germany have impaired health-related quality of life compared with Western children.
Academic Article Prevalence of febrile seizures in Dutch schoolchildren.
Academic Article Developing a paediatric drug formulary for the Netherlands.
Academic Article Long-term consequences of renal insufficiency in children: lessons learned from the Dutch LERIC study.
Academic Article Prediction of febrile seizures in siblings: a practical approach.
Academic Article [The practice of systematic reviews. I. Introduction].
Academic Article [Sensitive and specific screening for detection of spina bifida by echography in the second trimester; systematic review and meta-analysis].
Academic Article Anthracycline-induced clinical heart failure in a cohort of 607 children: long-term follow-up study.
Academic Article Mortality and causes of death of end-stage renal disease in children: a Dutch cohort study.
Academic Article Frequency and risk factors of subclinical cardiotoxicity after anthracycline therapy in children: a systematic review.
Academic Article Audit of prenatal and postnatal diagnosis of isolated open spina bifida in three university hospitals in The Netherlands.
Academic Article Cardiac disease in young adult patients with end-stage renal disease since childhood: a Dutch cohort study.

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