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Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A
Concept Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor
Concept Transforming Growth Factor beta
Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor-1
Concept Receptors, Transforming Growth Factor beta
Concept Growth Differentiation Factor 2
Concept Transforming Growth Factor alpha
Concept Transforming Growth Factor beta2
Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor-2
Concept Receptors, Growth Factor
Concept Receptors, Tumor Necrosis Factor
Concept Receptors, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Concept Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha
Concept Transforming Growth Factor beta1
Academic Article Loss of coordinated androgen regulation in nonmalignant ovarian epithelial cells with BRCA1/2 mutations and ovarian cancer cells.
Academic Article Expression of the TGF-beta coreceptor endoglin in epidermal keratinocytes and its dual role in multistage mouse skin carcinogenesis.
Academic Article Hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia: current views on genetics and mechanisms of disease.
Academic Article Reduced endothelial secretion and plasma levels of transforming growth factor-beta1 in patients with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia type 1.
Academic Article Endoglin null endothelial cells proliferate faster and are more responsive to transforming growth factor beta1 with higher affinity receptors and an activated Alk1 pathway.
Academic Article TGF-{beta} signaling of human T cells is modulated by the ancillary TGF-{beta} receptor endoglin.
Academic Article Functional role of CD105 in TGF-beta1 signalling in murine and human endothelial cells.
Academic Article Reduced angiogenic responses in adult Endoglin heterozygous mice.
Academic Article Soluble endoglin contributes to the pathogenesis of preeclampsia.
Academic Article Endoglin regulates cyclooxygenase-2 expression and activity.
Academic Article VE-cadherin is a critical endothelial regulator of TGF-beta signalling.
Academic Article Soluble endoglin modulates aberrant cerebral vascular remodeling.
Academic Article Spontaneous adult-onset pulmonary arterial hypertension attributable to increased endothelial oxidative stress in a murine model of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia.
Academic Article Endoglin is a component of the transforming growth factor-beta receptor system in human endothelial cells.
Academic Article A critical role for endoglin in the emergence of blood during embryonic development.
Academic Article Reduced endoglin activity limits cardiac fibrosis and improves survival in heart failure.
Academic Article Endoglin: a critical mediator of cardiovascular health.
Academic Article Rho-kinase inhibitor prevents bleomycin-induced injury in neonatal rats independent of effects on lung inflammation.
Academic Article Endoglin and activin receptor-like kinase 1 heterozygous mice have a distinct pulmonary and hepatic angiogenic profile and response to anti-VEGF treatment.
Academic Article Constitutive expression and role in growth regulation of interleukin-1 and multiple cytokine receptors in a biphenotypic leukemic cell line.
Academic Article Novel protein interactions with endoglin and activin receptor-like kinase 1: potential role in vascular networks.
Academic Article ENDOGLIN is dispensable for vasculogenesis, but required for vascular endothelial growth factor-induced angiogenesis.
Academic Article Anti-VEGF therapy reduces intestinal inflammation in Endoglin heterozygous mice subjected to experimental colitis.
Academic Article Reducing endoglin activity limits calcineurin and TRPC-6 expression and improves survival in a mouse model of right ventricular pressure overload.
Academic Article Impaired resolution of inflammation in the Endoglin heterozygous mouse model of chronic colitis.
Academic Article Increased endothelial cell permeability in endoglin-deficient cells.
Academic Article Structural Basis of the Human Endoglin-BMP9 Interaction: Insights into BMP Signaling and HHT1.
Academic Article Localization of endoglin, a transforming growth factor-beta binding protein, and of CD44 and integrins in placenta during the first trimester of pregnancy.
Academic Article Regulation of transforming growth factor alpha gene expression in an ovarian surface epithelial cell line derived from a human carcinoma.
Academic Article Molecular characterization and in situ localization of murine endoglin reveal that it is a transforming growth factor-beta binding protein of endothelial and stromal cells.
Academic Article Identification and expression of two forms of the human transforming growth factor-beta-binding protein endoglin with distinct cytoplasmic regions.
Academic Article Endoglin is a component of the transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta receptor complex of human pre-B leukemic cells.
Academic Article Endoglin modulates cellular responses to TGF-beta 1.
Academic Article Endoglin regulates trophoblast differentiation along the invasive pathway in human placental villous explants.
Academic Article Distribution of endoglin in early human development reveals high levels on endocardial cushion tissue mesenchyme during valve formation.
Academic Article Endoglin is an accessory protein that interacts with the signaling receptor complex of multiple members of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily.
Academic Article Hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia and pulmonary arteriovenous malformations: issues in clinical management and review of pathogenic mechanisms.
Academic Article Down-regulation of transforming growth factor beta receptors by androgen in ovarian cancer cells.
Academic Article Analysis of ALK-1 and endoglin in newborns from families with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia type 2.
Academic Article Endoglin is overexpressed after arterial injury and is required for transforming growth factor-beta-induced inhibition of smooth muscle cell migration.
Academic Article Potential role of modifier genes influencing transforming growth factor-beta1 levels in the development of vascular defects in endoglin heterozygous mice with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia.
Academic Article Expression and function of CD105 during the onset of hematopoiesis from Flk1(+) precursors.
Academic Article Endoglin upregulation during experimental renal interstitial fibrosis in mice.

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