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Concept Leukotrienes
Academic Article Pathophysiology of the hepoxilins.
Academic Article Biosynthesis, catabolism, and biological properties of HPETEs, hydroperoxide derivatives of arachidonic acid.
Academic Article Mass spectra of prostaglandins and related products.
Academic Article Metabolism of leukotriene A4 into C4 by human platelets.
Academic Article Metabolism of leukotriene A4 into C4 by human platelets.
Academic Article Hepoxilin, a new family of insulin secretagogues formed by intact rat pancreatic islets.
Academic Article Resolution by DEAE-cellulose chromatography of the enzymatic steps in the transformation of arachidonic acid into 8, 11, 12- and 10, 11, 12-trihydroxy-eicosatrienoic acid by the rat lung.
Academic Article Arachidonic acid epoxides. Demonstration through [18O]oxygen studies of an intramolecular transfer of the terminal hydroxyl group of (12S)-hydroperoxyeicosa-5,8,10,14-tetraenoic acid to form hydroxyepoxides.
Academic Article Hemoglobin- and hemin-catalyzed transformation of 12L-hydroperoxy-5,8,10,14-eicosatetraenoic acid.
Academic Article Potent vasoconstriction of the isolated perfused rat kidney by leukotrienes C4 and D4.
Academic Article Enzymatic formation of hepoxilin A3.
Academic Article Hepoxilin binding in human neutrophils.
Academic Article Hepoxilin A3 formation in the rat pineal gland selectively utilizes (12S)-hydroperoxyeicosatetraenoic acid (HPETE), but not (12R)-HPETE.
Academic Article Enzymatic formation of hepoxilins A3 and B3.
Academic Article Mechanistic aspects of hepoxilin biosynthesis.
Academic Article 12-HETE and 12-HPETE potently stimulate intracellular release of calcium in intact human neutrophils.

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