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Concept Powders
Academic Article Micronutrient sprinkles to control childhood anaemia.
Academic Article Quality criteria for micronutrient powder products: report of a meeting organized by the World Food Programme and Sprinkles Global Health Initiative.
Academic Article Relative bioavailability of iron and folic acid from a new powdered supplement compared to a traditional tablet in pregnant women.
Academic Article Daily use of Sprinkles micronutrient powder for 2 months reduces anemia among children 6 to 36 months of age in the Kyrgyz Republic: a cluster-randomized trial.
Academic Article Iron-containing micronutrient powder provided to children with moderate-to-severe malnutrition increases hemoglobin concentrations but not the risk of infectious morbidity: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, noninferiority safety trial.
Academic Article Relative efficacy of micronutrient powders versus iron-folic acid tablets in controlling anemia in women in the second trimester of pregnancy.
Academic Article Tablets are preferred and more acceptable than powdered prenatal calcium supplements among pregnant women in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Academic Article Mineral- and vitamin-enhanced micronutrient powder reduces stunting in full-term low-birth-weight infants receiving nutrition, health, and hygiene education: a 2 × 2 factorial, cluster-randomized trial in Bangladesh.
Academic Article Experiences and lessons learned for planning and supply of micronutrient powders interventions.
Academic Article From evidence to national scale: An implementation framework for micronutrient powders in Rwanda.

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