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Concept Vision, Binocular
Concept Vision Tests
Concept Vision Disorders
Concept Vision, Monocular
Concept Vision, Ocular
Academic Article Unusual ocular presentation of von Hippel-Lindau disease.
Academic Article Focal stereotactic external beam radiotherapy as a vision-sparing method for the treatment of peripapillary and perimacular retinoblastoma: preliminary results.
Academic Article Impaired face processing in early monocular deprivation from enucleation.
Academic Article Impaired speed perception but intact luminance contrast perception in people with one eye.
Academic Article Horizontal saccade dynamics after childhood monocular enucleation.
Academic Article Altered anterior visual system development following early monocular enucleation.
Academic Article Unaffected smooth pursuit but impaired motion perception in monocularly enucleated observers.
Academic Article The development of optokinetic nystagmus in strabismic and monocularly enucleated subjects.
Academic Article Alignment ability of strabismic and eye enucleated subjects on the horizontal and oblique meridians.
Academic Article Contrast letter thresholds in the non-affected eye of strabismic and unilateral eye enucleated subjects.
Academic Article Head turn in 1-eyed and normally sighted individuals during monocular viewing.
Academic Article Egocentric localization: visually directed alignment to projected head landmarks in binocular and monocular observers.
Academic Article Foveal and eccentric acuity in one-eyed observers.
Academic Article Early unilateral enucleation disrupts motion processing.
Academic Article Prosthetic conformers: a step towards improved rehabilitation of enucleated children.
Academic Article Vision and visual potential for perifoveal retinoblastoma after optical coherence tomographic-guided sequential laser photocoagulation.
Academic Article Early monocular enucleation selectively disrupts neural development of face perception in the occipital face area.
Academic Article Proceedings of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology and Champalimaud Foundation Ocular Oncogenesis and Oncology Conference.

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